The Morning Briefing: Lies, Damned Lies, and Polling

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The Devil in the Polling Details

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I think Elvis became a werewolf.

When I’m not busy trying to figure out how Legos can be LGBTQ, I like to read stories about parallel dimensions and alternative universes. I’m not reading as many of them since Joe Biden hit Washington in January with his 720 bajillion votes and his Occupy Oval Office protest.


Well, I don’t read as many of them in books, that is. Both social and mainstream media keep providing me with word snapshots of Joe Biden’s America that ostensibly describe the country I live in, but don’t jibe with the reality in front of my face.

Am I going crazier or might I be glitching between different realities in the multiverse?

I will have a column out later today that goes off on the works of pure fiction being created about the Biden presidency by the likes of WaPo and The New York Times, but the newspapers and news agencies aren’t the only members of the Democrat Media Complex engaging in a lot of creative writing these days. Pollsters are a big part of the propaganda machine, and for some reason, a lot of people still listen to them. It’s the MSM proper that keeps them in business though. Get the polls to provide the bones for a story, and the media will do the rest.

Something like this:

I doubt that 62 percent of Joe Biden thinks that Joe Biden is doing a good job. This is no more believable than the idea that I can become an outside linebacker in the NFL.

Robert Spencer did an excellent deep dive yesterday about more polling chicanery:

By now, anyone who doesn’t know that polls are tools for manipulating public opinion, not for discovering what public opinion is, simply hasn’t been paying attention. And when poll results are published under the headline “The Big Lie: Over half of Republicans believe Donald Trump is the actual President of the United States,” it’s clear that we’re not dealing with honest brokers. With the recent news out of ArizonaMichiganGeorgiaPennsylvania and New Hampshire, it’s clear that to believe that the 2020 presidential election was hardly the freest and fairest in American history is far from falling for a Big Lie. And that’s just the beginning of this poll’s dishonesty.

A research firm called Ipsos conducted the poll on behalf of Thomson Reuters. Ipsos bills itself as “the world’s third largest Insights and Analytics company,” and claims to “provide true understanding and powerful insights into the actions, opinions and motivations of citizens, consumers, patients, customers or employees.” However, Ipsos was accused of “systematic” and “massive” liberal bias in its polling during the 2016 presidential campaign, and there is no indication that it has mended its ways since then. On the basis of its “Big Lie” poll, instead of ridding itself of its biases, it is doubling down on them.


It’s as if the Democratic National Committee is providing a list of what they would like a poll to say and the pollsters whip the info off to the Keebler Elf tree and make the magic happen.

This poll also helps keep alive the great liberal myth that Americans are now more worried about white supremacist domestic terrorism than we are about the Islamic variety that keeps, you know, actually killing people. Robert picks apart the polling sleight of hand used to achieve this. As he explains in his conclusion, it’s more about what’s not there than what is:

But it’s clear that Ipsos isn’t about revealing. It’s about concealing. This poll is designed to conceal the fact that very few Americans are genuinely worried about this phantom menace of white supremacist terror that we hear so much about except in terms of genuine white supremacists committing actual terrorist attacks. It fudges its categories so that people who are concerned about jihad violence, antifa and Black Lives Matter violence, and “white supremacist” violence are all lumped together in a way that gives the impression that “white supremacists” and “gun nuts” are what most Americans are worried about. And those just happen to be the Democrats’ two primary targets today. What a coincidence.

It’s easy to dismiss all of this with a “Who cares? Nobody trusts polls anyway” attitude. Again though, they’re an integral part of the web of lies spun by the mainstream media to prop up the progressive creep who is wrecking the country. And plenty of people do believe them, usually the kind of people who can be easily swayed near election time.


There are a lot of moving parts in the Democrats’ propaganda machine. Pollsters are some of the ugliest.

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