The Morning Briefing: Squish Republican Turncoats Are More Vile Than Democrats

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The Scourge of the Fake Conscience Republicans

Happy Wednesday, intrepid travelers on the Kruiser Morning Briefing Way. The minstrels will be here at noon.

Obviously, the do-over isn’t happening. We’re going to have to wade through whatever slog the universe keeps throwing at us.


One of the unfortunate by-products of being on the side of the political aisle that isn’t a hive mind is that one often finds oneself at odds with members of one’s own party. That’s something the Democrats rarely have to deal with. Yeah, they have their little spats, but they play nice when it counts. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Squad have enjoyed giving Nancy Pelosi grief since they got into office, but they all voted for her re-election as Speaker.

It’s that way with legislation too. When the Democrats need the votes, the majority of the time they’ll bury a hatchet or two and do what’s needed.

Republicans aren’t like that, and a lot of that has to do with — you guessed it — the media. Democrats get love from the media no matter what they do. Not so much with the Republicans, of course. The weaker among us are tempted by occasional flashes of attention from the media. There’s a formula to getting the attention: all they have to do is side with the Democrats.

The Republicans who like to go begging for favor from the mainstream media will always tell you that they’re driven by conscience and deep principles.

That, my friends, is a trainload of hooey.

They’re pathetic emotional midgets who are desperate for attention. If they became full-time Democrats, they’d just be one in a big crowd. If they remain Republican, they’ve got an easy, albeit brief, attention fix. Whenever their fellow Republicans need them, all they have to do is slip a shiv in their backs and they get a pure hit of New York Times love for a few days.


There have been a few Republicans running for cover since the riot at the Capitol. And by “running for cover” I mean “saying whatever the Democrats want you to say.”

I spoke to several conservative friends last Wednesday. All were upset about the mob, but they were all also upset about the Republicans who couldn’t wait to score some CNN points.

As the Democrats prepare to spend the last few days of Trump’s presidency screaming “ORANGE MAN BAD!” with another impeachment charade, the faux-principles Republicans have an opportunity to get an “Atta Boy!” from Jake Tapper.

Or an “Atta Girl!”

Liz Cheney has been getting a lot of spotlight action because she’s the highest-ranking House Republican to turn on the president. We’re now going to be regaled by the MSM for a few weeks with stories about the rarefied moral air she occupies while brunching with Mitt Romney.

There are even rumors now that Mitch McConnell may be ready to get on board with impeachment, but they’re just rumors so far. If the rumors are proven true it won’t be surprising. McConnell was garbage before Trump gave him a spine.

The Republicans are headed for an internecine struggle for the post-Trump soul of the party. Cheney and her ilk believe that there’s going to be a correction that makes the GOP the weak clown show that it was in the immediate pre-Trump years. The GOP that nominated Mitt Romney to throw a presidential election.


That’s not really where any of this is going. If it is, the Republican Party will merely be the moderate wing of the Democratic Party.

While we’re dealing with whatever the Harris-Biden administration unleashes on us, the Republicans need to steel themselves and marginalize the Cheney-Romney invertebrates within its ranks. My good friend and colleague, RedState Editor-at-Large Kira Davis, summed it up nicely yesterday:

The GOP will need to be focused on the dangers in front of it. They can’t waste time looking over their shoulders to see which attention-you-know-what Republican colleague is sneaking around looking for an opportunity to kneecap them.

And I still want a refund on my 2012 Romney vote.

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