The Morning Briefing: 2021 Miracle—Media Finally Finds a Mob It Doesn't Like

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The Mainstream Media and the Rage Mob Finally Meet 

Happy Thursday, my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I explained yesterday that I am sincere when I say that. Just because yesterday was a fetid pile of awful doesn’t mean that we should give up on today.


This is going to be a different kind of Briefing today. As yesterday’s news cycle was dominated by one story, there aren’t nearly the number of links today that I would normally post.

Also, everyone might be mad at me by the time I’m done saying what I have to say.

After writing in yesterday’s MB about the bone weariness that this election has given me, I decided to begin the day on a brighter note. I wrote a book after the 2016 election about not letting politics bother me too much. This doesn’t mean that nothing in politics upsets me anymore. Things still get to me, I just don’t let them get to me for very long. Georgia was definitely on my mind yesterday when I woke up and it wasn’t there in a pleasant way. I decided to go for a long bike ride to clear my head.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes before the irritation had been banished. For the next hour and a half or so, politics were nowhere to be found. I came home, worked out a little more, then took a shower. I arrived at my computer in great spirits and in a great mood to write about the political doings of the day.


I thought things might be a little boisterous in Washington yesterday but I was not prepared for the Third-World circus that greeted me when I checked my various news feeds. By the time I first became aware of the situation, it had been going on for a while already. 

Let me be clear about this up front: I in no way condone what went on. Riots are riots. I’m not some mainstream media hack who prevaricates when writing about civil unrest in order to cover for people I might think are on the right side of things. Once you go full mob rule, I don’t care who you voted for, you’re an idiot and you’re on the wrong side.


In fact, I am sick to death of people and their stupid feelings. If you can’t express your displeasure without breaking a window you’re not fit to be out in public. I’m sorry your mommy didn’t hug you enough and Ms. Johnson gave you a “C” in health class when you were in middle school. Grow up.

The first thing I noticed while scanning the news was that virtually every conservative commenting on the situation was condemning the violence. Immediately. That stood in stark contrast to high-ranking Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media spending all last summer telling us that things were peaceful while we were staring at burning buildings.

This is how conservatives addressed the situation:

What happened yesterday was horrible and profoundly sad. So is what happened last summer:

A little consistency is all I’m looking for here.

The day then devolved into perhaps the worst hot take day on Twitter ever, and that’s saying a lot. The tendency to try and score political points in times like this is tedious, pathetic, and deserving of endless scorn.


I didn’t think President Trump handled things well at all yesterday and I don’t care who gets mad at me for saying that. I’ve been a strong supporter of his on a good-sized platform here for a very long time and I think that gives me the the right to admit when he steps in it without a bunch of armchair pundits acting as if I’ve betrayed the Republic.

However, that doesn’t mean I need to get in lockstep with the Democratic narrative to distance myself. Far too many Republicans did that yesterday and, believe me, names are being taken by those of us who aren’t ready to roll over for the Democrats just because some drunk, emotionally stunted a-holes decided to bust into the Capitol. Figure out a way to be upset with those who broke the law yesterday without having to leg-hump Ilhan Omar and her impeachment fever dream just so you can get a “Good boy!” from The New York Times during a tense news cycle.

I talked to several of my hardcore conservative friends yesterday. We were all in agreement that we both condemned the violence and the mainstream Beltway Republicans who were all too eager to jump into bed with the Dems because they thought that denouncing Trump would give them some political capital in the coming months.

Conservatives like me have been radicalized by the Democrats and media pathologically lying about us for so long. Now we know that mainstream Republicans are going to try and marginalize us.


Here’s the thing though: there are a lot more of us than either side realizes.

So keep not getting why Trump got elected in the first place, people. Keep blaming factors that had nothing to do with his popularity. Keep selling out, Republicans. It just makes our long game easier.

We’re not going away.

Also, Mitt Romney is garbage.

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