Kruiser's (Almost) Daily Distraction: Let the Year-End Lists Begin

‘Tis the Freakin’ Season

(Kruiser’s Permanote Description: This column is intended to be a lighthearted, short-form way to frequently connect with our cherished VIP readers. Sometimes it will be serious. Sometimes it will be fun. Sometimes it will be a cornucopia of intellectual curiosities and fascinations. OK, maybe not so much the last one. Anyway, as this is a departure for me, I’m including this explanation at the top of each post for a while. Also, non-subscribers can see the first couple of paragraphs so I am in desperate need of filler until we get to the private stuff (subscribe here). Please remember that there is a st1: anding invitation to ask me anything in the comments. Once a week, I’ll answer.)

We have finally reached the final week of the year that we were all worried would never end. Honestly, the safe bets are probably on any light at the end of the tunnel being a bullet train with no brakes. That would be a quick, merciful relief from this perpetually overflowing toilet bowl of a year.

Here in the blogging trade, this is typically a big week for various end-of-the-year lists. Back in the PJTV days we would spend a couple of weeks shooting a LOT of “Best Of” and “Worst Of” specials and it was always a lot of fun.

I’m determined to get one or two of those year-end listicle posts done between now and Thursday but I’ve been coming up a little dry thus far. Seriously, what the hell kind of “Best Of” post am I going to come up with?

1: Best Blackout Drunk Zoom Sessions of 2020

2: The Year’s Top Liquor Delivery Bills From March 1 to March 306, 2020

3: Did I Change My Underwear Last Summer?

You’re getting the gist.

I’m willing to crowdsource this one. I’m pretty sure I’ll include some of my favorite COVID quarantine binges. There’s been plenty of that. We’ve talked about books a couple of times. I’m also fleshing out notes for something positive on which to finish the year because I’m not going to start work on the morning of January 1, 2021, by letting 2020’s bad mojo hang around too long and continue groin-kicking me.


If you have any ideas, dear readers, I am more than willing to run with them. It’s a collaborative effort here at times and I do trust all of you. Working together, we’ll make sure that 2020 gets the toxic-waste treatment that it deserves and gets buried where it cannot bother us again. If we have to accomplish that with nothing but discount liquor and overwhelming denial, so be it.

Hit me up. Let’s finish strong. Please enjoy the scallops.

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