Revised Prediction on How Long Grandpa Gropes Is Going to Last

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A Painful, Long-Running Train Wreck

Another week, another “Holy crap, Joe Biden looks worse every day” column. I wouldn’t be surprised if these soon become daily affairs.

Biden has quickly gone from being an easy object of derision to the most infamous cautionary tale about political hubris and ambition in America. Many of us have long questioned whether there was anyone close to him who loved him enough to make this stop.

We’re not asking anymore, it’s obvious that no one does.

It was just a week ago I wrote in my Morning Briefing that the mainstream media would soon crack under the pressure of propping up the mentally and physically declining Biden. They mistakenly believed their own delirious hype about Biden’s low-expectations DNC speech, which seems to have given them a little juice to temporarily keep going, pretending that every public appearance of his since then hasn’t been an unmitigated disaster.

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My theory about all of this up until now has been that Biden’s handlers would keep him out of the public eye completely until the early voting and mail-fraud voting were done. Then they would do some carefully managed appearances when it was safer to do so.

It is becoming rather apparent that there is no level of management that can prevent Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep from spinning out. They’re using short scripts and he can’t even stick to those anymore.

They are brief little moments, but they are bad moments. The most recent one found Biden visibly run down during a virtual event and answering obviously scripted questions with a script of his own and screwing that up:


Just a few days earlier, Biden had his infamous “Ron Burgundy” moment where he read the words “end of quote” from the teleprompter:

Biden’s DNC speech wasn’t nearly the Reaganistic gem that the Dems and the media would have us believe. His rate of decline has been accelerating since then. He hasn’t exactly been campaigning at a normal presidential campaign race pace either, which makes it worse.

It’s almost unimaginable that the Biden we’re seeing now can make it through an unscripted debate. Maybe if he naps for three days leading up to each one he’s got a shot of faking his way through just enough so the press can lie and pretend that he did well. We all know that the real problem here isn’t exhaustion, however.

Until now, I didn’t think that the Democrats would try to replace Biden before the election but the situation is a lot different since I last wrote about that.

The race is tighter now and the Dems might realize that this slurring, half-asleep village idiot they’re trotting out now is a liability that even the lying media can’t drag across the finish line. I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden has the “health incident” before November that I thought he wasn’t going to have until next January.

Then again, they may just go on believing the media hype and pretending that they aren’t seeing what the rest of us clearly are.

If I had to bet today, I’d put money on Joe not making it to the election. I just hope he makes it to the debates.

I really want to see Trump clean the floor with him.

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