Richard Grenell Unloads on Corrupt MSM: 'People Aren't Listening to You Anymore'

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Grenell Brings the Pain

So much for a slow Friday.

President Trump scored another diplomatic victory this week, announcing the “normalization” of economic relations between Serbia and Kosovo.


The New York Post:

President Trump on Friday hosted the leaders of Serbia and breakaway republic Kosovo for the signing of a landmark economic normalization agreement.

Trump, seated behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, presided as Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and Serbia President Aleksandar Vučić inked the deal, seated at desks on either side of Trump.

Kosovo broke away from Serbia with US assistance following a genocidal war waged by then-Serbian strongman Slobodan Milošević. In 2008, Kosovo unilaterally declared independence, following de facto independence since 1999.

“Serbia and Kosovo have each committed to economic normalization,” Trump told reporters, signaling a breakthrough after a deep freeze in relations between the countries.

Seems like the kind of thing that should be celebrated by all Americans but we live in the dumbest and most partisan of times. The mainstream media can’t celebrate anything Trump-related and, predictably, was tedious again when given a chance to ask questions about the agreement.

Enter Richard Grenell, the current special presidential envoy for Serbia and Kosovo peace negotiations, who has become one of the president’s most ardent and vocal advocates. He never passes up a chance to remind the media that they’re irresponsible and awful.


Grenell participated in a press conference to discuss the agreement and quickly grew weary of the childish tediousness of the press corps.

Before we get to that, here is a little setup:

There’s a nice little jab in the direction of D.C. insiders. Grenell is very adept at railing against the Swamp without ever referring to it as the Swamp.

When Grenell got around to landing the heavyweight blows, it was nothing short of glorious. He’s got this calm delivery and can modulate his condescension with amazing precision for maximum effect.

The following clip is loaded with quotable derision, but I think my favorite line is: “Maybe it’s too complicated of an issue for you all.” He then glided effortlessly from telling them that they’re stupid to telling them that they are irrelevant.

Grab your popcorn.


There really cannot be too much of this. The MSM — specifically those covering the White House — get worse by the hour. If the MSM fails in its mission to get Joseph Harris-Biden elected in November, I truly hope that Grenell has a prominent role in Trump’s administration. Preferably one where he has to deal with the press a lot.

Like the president, Grenell isn’t afraid to mix it up on Twitter. His use of social media to beat up the libs can be downright brutal at times. As this election season moves into what will no doubt be the most irresponsible and negative media climate ever, the president will need all of the fearless, vocal advocates to be countering false media narratives.

The late, great Andrew Breitbart did something that Grenell is very good at too: He would reject the false premises in media “Gotcha!” questions and turn the whole thing around to highlighting their bias. It’s something that White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany does as well.

The snippiness of the responses from the press corps in these situations is proof that they know they’re everything they are being accused of and it isn’t just enjoyable to watch them squirm, it’s essential that Team Trump keeps making them do so.


The Mainstream Media Has Betrayed Its Constitutional Privilege


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