The Morning Briefing: The Democrats Plan on Stealing the Election

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The Kinda/Sorta Election That May Never Be

Is it Wednesday already? Pardon me, I left my calendar in March. I do hope the day is going well for all you fine readers of the Kruiser Morning Briefing.


If today’s headline about election-stealing seems a bit over the top and incendiary, I can assure you that it was most intentional. Democrats and their flying media monkeys make outlandish claims like that about conservatives and Republicans all the time and are never held accountable for them.

These are, after all, the lunatics who are referring to the presence of federal officers in burning riot cities as a portent of “martial law.

Well, more than one can play the hyperbole hysteria game. And when one is hurling outlandishness at Democrats, history tells us that there is a greater likelihood that it will be true (see how I’m warming up to this so quickly?).

At present, the Democrats are attempting to unseat an incumbent president by devising a plan where their candidate doesn’t have to be seen in public for most of the general election campaign. They’re desperate to keep Joe Biden hidden until as many early and mail-in votes as possible are cast for him because they know that the first time he’s on his own in public he’s going to pull down his mask and start sniffing strangers, all the while barking, “Barack likes me!”

On the rare occasions when the idiot in the basement is let off-leash by his wife and handlers, he’s babbling about President Trump trying to “steal” the election. He keeps saying it, too, most recently at a virtual fundraiser hosted by one of the celebrities Hillary Clinton thought would wish her to victory.

“This president is going to try to indirectly steal the election by arguing that mail-in ballots don’t work. They’re not real. They’re not fair,” Biden said.


In each one of these “steal the election” rants, Biden immediately rambles on about mail-in ballots. Again, that’s all they’ve got and they know it. That’s where the real election-stealing can happen and it’s not going to be done by the Republicans.

The Democrats have shown — especially in the Trump era — that most of what they throw at the Republicans is just a bunch of twisted political psychological projection.

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For example, take the absurd notion that Dems have recycled from 2016. They are again insisting that President Trump won’t accept the election results, giving it a minor update, saying that he won’t leave the White House now that he’s the incumbent.

This from the party whose vanquished alcoholic grandmother from 2016 is still going on television and saying that the election was stolen from her. Throw in Stacey Abrams and her ongoing psychotic break about being the real governor of Georgia and I think we can see which side has a difficult time accepting the results of an election.

In fact, the violence we’re seeing now has more to do with hating Trump than it does with the death of George Floyd. The Democrats began their “peaceful protests” almost the moment Trump was elected and have been ranging back and forth between simple public incivility and violence ever since. It’s been one long tantrum about not accepting the 2016 election results.

 (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The Democrats will try to let COVID-19 keep Biden out of sight for as long as they can, but let’s face it, even with the plague’s help they’re going to need some kind of fraud-fest to win this election. Nobody is actually excited about Joe Biden. It looks like he may have a very difficult time pulling in the disaffected Bernie faithful who sort of thought they were owed this one after the DNC rigged 2016 for Granny Maojackets.


Given the Democrats’ propensity for projection, all of their “steal the election” talk sure makes it seem as if they are spending a lot of time thinking about stealing an election.

Just putting that out there.

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