Mary Trump Is the MSM's New 'Avenatti'

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Here we go again.

Remember two weeks ago when John Bolton’s memoirs were finally going to be the thing that brought down President Trump? Was it even two weeks ago? Three tops.

For a few weeks, John Bolton was everywhere. Radio. Television. Social media. Podcasts. I’m pretty sure I saw him standing outside my bedroom window one night. The little scamp was unavoidable.

Move over, Ambassador B, somebody named Mary Trump has pushed you aside.

Apparently a niece of President Trump’s, Mary has written a scathing family tell-all that the frothing anti-Trump types assure us will be THE THING THAT BRINGS HIM DOWN.

She seems super stable. Not only does she have uncle issues, she apparently has major granddaddy issues as well. I’ve done the research on all of this but I won’t be linking to any of it because it would give traffic and publicity to the kinds of people I wouldn’t even waste time giving the finger to.

It takes a special kind of awful person to decide that the best way to make a buck and a name for herself is to crap all over her family. The book is selling very well so, kudos to her, she got top dollar for her soul.

I don’t know much about Mary Trump. That’s kind of the point here. No one does. I can tell you that as I write this she is the most popular person among some of the worst people in America: the mainstream media.

They’ve found their new “Avenatti,” which is the word I am now going to use for whichever insane Trump-hater that the MSM is leg-humping on any given week.

The MSM spent over a year getting lathered over Michael Avenatti, only to find out that he was sleazier than the stripper client who made him famous. They never for a moment considered checking out what kind of person he might be. He was badmouthing President Trump, so he was good enough for them.

There was a point when Avenatti was on MSNBC and CNN so frequently it seemed as if they had cloned him. The paste-eating morons in the MSM even spent several months buzzing about Avenatti as a potential Democratic presidential candidate. It was like watching a collective head injury play out in real-time.

Now we’re being treated to a no-name whose real source of disgruntlement probably comes from the fact that her cousin Ivanka has always been prettier than she is.

Her book will no doubt continue to do well. There’s a lot of money in the Trump-hating grifter world right now, just ask the Lincoln Project guys. They’re probably getting together each night to sit naked in a drum circle and read excerpts from Mary Trump’s book while George Conway powders his fat folds.

Like every other Avenatti the MSM has had, Mary Trump will also disappear almost overnight. Who knows? We may find out some sordid details about her. Probably not. One thing is for certain, though: if her uncle wins in November even the people in love with her right now will never, ever remember her name again.


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