The Morning Briefing: Hallmark Caves to Wokescolds Who Will Never Watch the Channel

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Happy, Romantic Couples at Christmas…THE HORROR

The cultural civil war against Wokescold Nation wages on, today forcing me to defend two things I generally loathe: happy people and romance movies.


Seriously, I got a headache just typing that.

Over the weekend, the Hallmark Channel came under fire for its lack of wokenicity. The company committed the unpardonable sin of acquiescing to its loyal fan base rather than appeasing the outrage mob who never watched the channel, but were demanding it change anyway. For a brief while, anyway.

For those unfamiliar, here is the kind of edgy, objectionable fare that the Hallmark Channel foists upon the American public:

You can see the problem. No one should ever smile that much with teeth that perfect.

The frothing wokescolds have been coming after Hallmark since the holiday season — the channel’s biggest of the year — kicked off. Megan wrote about it last month:

I know I can turn it on and not be concerned that my children will be exposed to the clown world morality that is on every other channel. It’s safe.

Perhaps because of this pressure, Hallmark decided to get a little woke and air a commercial that featured a same-sex wedding and two brides kissing. That’s not terribly shocking in 21st-century America, but it also has nothing to do with Hallmark’s audience or programming. After a little pressure from people who actually do watch the Hallmark Channel, company execs decided to pull the ad:


Other networks don’t focus on the entertainment value anymore. They seek to lecture and scold first, and maybe provide “entertainment” in the way of mocking Americans who don’t live in the coastal media bubbles. My leftist entertainment b.s. tolerance level is higher than most people’s, but I’ve recently had to stop watching three shows that I had been enjoying because the writers were overwhelmed by the urge to shoehorn liberal talking points into scripts.

I can choose to stop watching, and I’m sure it will happen with increasing frequency, especially after Trump wins re-election.

What I will never do — because I am not a constipated lunatic who’s laden with mommy and daddy issues — is seek out networks that aren’t catering to me anyway and complain about them.

Sadly, Hallmark decided to give the finger to the viewers who made the network a success and cave to people who are always going to hate them:


There is no level of adaptation and capitulation that will please Wokescold Nation. We all know that one same-sex wedding ad isn’t going to get them off the network’s back. Hallmark could have a full slate of LGBTQ (heavy on the “T” even though there are only fourteen of them in America)-approved programming featuring shows full of toddlers representing seventy-two different genders and the wokescolds would respond with, “It took you too long.”

I will never watch a moment of Hallmark programming because — again — I hate happy people. Almost every woman I know between the ages of 30 and 60 loves it though — especially at this time of year. Sure, I don’t hang out with any of them anymore because of that, but I can assure you that they are all wonderful people.

All work hard, and all that they’re seeking is some lighthearted holiday fare. Something relaxing. Every freaking thing on television doesn’t have to be burdened by the yoke of being forced to be an agent for social change.

After carefully building an extraordinarily successful niche market, Hallmark just told everyone in it to take a hike.

Of course, the wokescolds will claim that everyone who is upset about this is a bigot. That’s their go-to when they want to throw a smokescreen around their more fascist insane mob tendencies.

It’s not true.

I have spoken.

Off to see if I can write some cheesy, fun, holiday romance scripts. I think there’s going to be a market for them next Christmas.

Adding This Just for the Dig at David French 


The Atlantic did a fairly decent profile on Tucker Carlson. Some of it is quite good, but it lapses into the weak leftmedia nonsense about immigration. There isn’t an original thought in any of their heads on the issue.

Here is the part of this that entertained me:

So cue the lamentations again, this time from the movement conservatives, who might have hoped to see him contend with populism’s fraught history and Trump-era manifestation and shape it into something different. “Carlson has radically reinvented himself,” says David French, senior editor of the conservative outlet The Dispatch, “and one would hope he’d reinvent himself again, grant the reality of right-wing populism’s race problem, and do something determined and intentional to overcome it.”

When I relayed that sentiment to Carlson, he burst out laughing. “Whatever,” he said. “I’ve made a complete break mentally with the world I used to live in.” He later followed up with an official statement: “David French is a buffoon, one of the least impressive people I’ve ever met. Only in nonprofit conservatism could he have a paying job.”

I had never heard of David French until he became a darling of the Never Trumpers while at National Review.

“Movement conservatives,” by the way, don’t write for National Review. Another lazy trait of lefty journos is attributing some special place in conservatism to anyone right-of-center who will badmouth a Republican.

They Don’t Even Know They’re Supposed to Be a Comedy Show Anymore



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