The Morning Briefing: UK Tells Its Leftist Loons to Bugger Off

Jeremy Corbyn leaves his London home Jeremy Corbyn out and about, London, UK - 26 Jun 2016 (Rex Features via AP Images)

So Much for the AOC Endorsement

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AOC Joins the Left’s Swelling Ranks of Anti-Semites with Corbyn Endorsement


Exit Polls: Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party Demolishes Labor Party in Election

Adiós, comrades!

To the horror of leftists worldwide, people who don’t think like they do have once again spoken in an election. The rubes from the hinterlands got their knuckles off the ground just long enough to send the anti-Semitic Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour libs to defeat.

Whether this sends a message to American Democrats or not remains to be seen. They’re a bit lacking in self-awareness over here, and they will probably have a variety of talking points explaining why there are no parallels. They may want to find some, however:

The fact that a politician who has been embraced by President Trump notched a victory that none of them wanted him to have — or thought he would get — has to be a tough one to swallow.

That’s the kind of hot take you can expect from a guy who sincerely retweets Max Boot.

Anyone who has been following UK politics recently knows that the leftists there have the same sneering attitude toward conservatives that the Democrats here do. Unearned superiority makes people and political parties cocky, which in turn makes them easy to defeat.


On to 2020, my friends.

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