The Morning Briefing: Impeachment Is Quite the Cash Cow for President Trump

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How Is That Working Out For You?

Democrats all over Outrageville were no doubt thrilled on Thursday when Nancy Pelosi slurred her instructions to the House Judiciary Committee to proceed with articles of impeachment against President Trump.


The leftist fantasy about this toilet-paper-thin case for impeachment ends with the president being removed from office once all of the Republicans in the Senate are body-snatched and replaced by liberal aliens, after which Mike Pence vanishes into thin air and Hillary Clinton rides triumphantly into Washington on a gender-neutral unicorn to be installed upon her throne.

The reality — an area most Democrats haven’t visited in years — is that this hyperpartisan political assassination attempt is firing a lot of blanks.

In fact, the impeachment circus has been making some serious bank for the president.


In the weeks since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Sept. 24 decision to launch an impeachment inquiry against Trump for using the power of his presidency to press a foreign country–Ukraine–to investigate a political rival, the Trump campaign hasn’t run from Pelosi’s impeachment push or settled into a defensive crouch. Campaign officials instead are leaning into the impeachment threat, using it to mobilize supporters and try to extract a political price–and millions of dollars in fundraising–from the Democrats’ move.

The article notes that the Trump campaign took in $15 million in small-dollar donations in the first three days after Pelosi announced the inquiry.


Impeachment is also spurring donations from donors in Republican strongholds like Texas, where Trump has raised more money than all of the Democratic candidates combined. So much for the narrative about Texas soon flipping blue.

I have some personal, anecdotal experience with the full-throttle fundraising effort this past month. During the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, I made the mistake of making a couple of donations via text. Now my phone number has been pimped out to every Republican fundraising group on the planet. My phone has been lighting up with requests in the past few weeks.

The timing is really impressive. The sound from Pelosi’s voice had barely died down after her announcement yesterday when I got two texts asking me for money to help fight the impeachment witch hunt.

It doesn’t take a lot of deep political thought to see where this is headed. Even if the Democrats in the House vote to impeach — and it still isn’t a given that they’ll have the votes — the Senate will never convict.

The president, however, may end up with a campaign war chest the likes of which no incumbent has ever seen.

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