The Morning Briefing: Trump-Hating NBA Gives Commie China a Hug

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Oh, They’re the Good Guys

The National Basketball Association has had no problem whatsoever in recent years whenever any of its players or coaches have publicly expressed their hatred for President Trump. Over the weekend, the league finally found a political line it didn’t want anyone to cross: offending the People’s Republic of China.


The Hill:

The NBA is facing backlash over its response to a statement made by the Houston Rockets’ general manager that prompted a fierce reaction from China.

Daryl Morey in a tweet on Friday voiced support for the thousands of protesters that have taken to the streets of Hong Kong in recent weeks, writing: “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.”

The demonstrations in the special autonomous region, which until the mid-1990s was a British colony, have turned notably violent in recent days, as protesters seek to pressure the local government over its close ties to Beijing.

In response to Morey’s statement, the Chinese Basketball Association suspended ties with the Rockets, despite the fact that Morey deleted his initial tweet. He also later issued a statement on Twitter, saying he did not intend “to cause any offense to Rockets fans and friends of mine in China.”

After forcing Morey to bend the knee to the commies, the NBA issued a statement:

Google “gregg popovich trump,” “steve kerr trump,” or “stephen curry trump” and you will quickly see that the NBA doesn’t care if the president of the United States or his millions of supporters here are ever “deeply offended.”


Talk about not reading the room. As The New York Times pointed out, being on the side of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong is one of the few things on the planet that unite Democrats and Republicans these days. Heck, Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke are on the same side on this one.

The PR department at the league offices should be on edge this week. The wave of bad publicity it’s enduring after having stepped in it like this comes just a few weeks before the new season begins. It will be interesting to see if the NBA doubles down on this to protect its financial interests in China or its a sports league that is flush with success and money because freedom is better than communism.


The news that a second whistleblower has apparently lawyered up has left most of us on the right feeling some Kavanaugh charade déjà vu. The first one gets easily discredited and another magically appears. Reading through all of the breathless coverage on Sunday was like eating cotton candy for ten hours. Lots of fluff, no substance. Just more for the impeachment noise machine.

Thanks, Beto!

The anti-gun people have ratcheted up hysteria so much that the sight of a toy gun prompted law enforcement to lock down three college campuses.

Dems Overplaying Their Hand Update


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I don’t think we’ve had any Steve Martin yet, so let’s do that…

I blow my own whistle. Happy Monday.


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