The Morning Briefing: #FullOfSchiff Friday Edition

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Text Me!

Last night, the Democrats released transcripts of administration officials’ text messages about the Ukraine situation. Here is a synopsis from The Hill that also includes all of the transcripts. I read through several pages of them until I felt as if I’d been placed in a medically induced coma and no longer cared.


If there is a smoking gun in there, I didn’t smell it or see it. They’re making a weak attempt to lump Pence into the whole thing, obviously dreaming of passing “Go” and getting straight to President Pelosi (h/t to my editor Paula Bolyard for that heads-up).

Full disclosure: I was watching baseball when I was sent that and read it, so I may have missed something. Because I’m a good American.

Hashtag Fun

It took far too long, but the GOP seems to finally have gotten around to embracing President Trump’s use of Twitter as a bully pulpit.

After Adam Schiff was caught just making stuff up and it was learned that he was playing footsie with the whistleblower long before anything became official, Trump and other Republicans began using the hashtag #FullOfSchiff on Twitter.

Now, I’ve been at the Twitter thing for a very long time and usually cringe when politicians try to get clever with the hashtags. This one isn’t bad though.

They aren’t just playing on social media, however:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday formally pressed Speaker Pelosi to clarify this chaotic mess she hastily created.

My friend Ed Morrissey has some good analysis at our sister site Hot Air:


Alea iacta est in haste, repent at leisure. Kevin McCarthy’s trying to toss Nancy Pelosi a lifeline here, but she’ll never grab at it. As House Democrats careen from one rationalization to the next on impeachment and refuse to explicitly authorize an inquiry at all, the House Minority Leader called for a halt to the chaos. Either put together a “transparent and equitable” process for evidence and testimony, he tells Pelosi in a letter released earlier this morning, or hang it up altogether:


Put simply, Pelosi’s impeachment Rubicon has become an impassable mess. Her chair for the effort, Adam Schiff, just got exposed by the New York Times as misrepresenting his role in cultivating the whistleblower complaint that has been its catalyst. Schiff has now had to backpedal from his earlier public denials that he or his staff having had contact with the whistleblower well before he claimed that the White House had withheld that information from him. Having cast her die without bothering to wait for the evidence Schiff claimed the White House was covering up, she has tossed her caucus into the proverbial Rubicon creek without a paddle.

The most bizarre aspect of all of this is that Pelosi had been the deliberate and mature voice in the room regarding impeachment. It would have been a safe presumption that, if and when she finally decided to proceed with an inquiry she would have done it in a less haphazard fashion. Now she appears to merely be getting her marching orders from the hysterical “Squad” wing of the Democratic caucus.


Bonus Never Trump Anguish

The few remaining Nevers who are unable to grasp why their ranks have thinned are sad to watch. Most, like Matt, are people I’ve known a long time and used to agree with on many things. Now they’re reduced to creating a fantasy land where William Weld is their savior.

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