The Morning Briefing: Media Horrified That President Who Always Punches Back Keeps Punching Back

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Mama Said Knock You Out

Week Million and Five of Impeachmentpalooza rolls on toward either Socialist Hell Armageddon or a landslide victory for President Trump — there isn’t much middle ground to be found anywhere these days, after all.


To the surprise of no one, the president isn’t just rolling over and letting the waves of negativity wash over him, awaiting his fate.

The press remains eternally indignant about the fact that Trump refuses to just shut up and go away already:

When President Donald Trump erupted in rage during two appearances Wednesday, it foreshadowed a dark and unsettled impeachment season ahead.

There was little strategy evident as Trump railed against Democrats and the media during public events with Finland’s president. And there were few new answers that might help alleviate the situation he finds himself in after asking a foreign counterpart to investigate a political rival.
“This is the greatest hoax. This is just a continuation of what’s been playing out since my election,” Trump said during an East Room press conference that became progressively more heated as Trump faced questions about his predicament. “This is a fraudulent crime on the American people.”
Au contraire, tiny media brains, the strategy seems quite clear. If the MSM is going to ratchet its noise level up to 11, Trump’s going to take his to 12. We are over three years into them trying to wear him out only to have him continually prove that he has more stamina.
He can do this all day, every day.
In fact, the president not only had the stamina for volleying in the impeachment battle, but he also put the Democrats on alert that he is still plenty mad about the Mueller fiasco.
And why shouldn’t he keep pushing back? It’s working:

President Trump’s approval ticked up to 49 percent — its highest mark this year, according to a new Hill-HarrisX survey released on Wednesday.

The figure marks a 2-point increase from a Sept. 11-12 poll, but a 2-point decrease from its previous peak of 51 percent last August.

Trump’s disapproval rating, meanwhile, dropped to 51 percent, which marks his lowest level so far this year.

The nationwide survey was conducted on Sept. 28 and 29, less than a week after House Democrats launched a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump over concerns raised in a whistleblower’s complaint about the president’s communications with Ukraine.

Body blow!

Tedious Royal Climate Scolds Are Tedious

There’s a great post at Spiked Online about just what a pain Prince Harry and his mail-order American bride have become:

There is a striking irony in The Harry and Meghan Show. This pair present themselves as a new kind of royal: chilled out, PC, green, more likely to visit a Peckham radio station run by struggling youths than a cake-making charity run by women with blue-rinsed helmet hair. And yet scrape away their chilled, chatty veneer and what we have here are two of the most elitist and snobby royals in the Windsor household. And that’s saying something.

Prince Harry’s breakfast probably has a bigger carbon footprint than my entire week does, which is one reason that I find his constant greener-than-thou scolding and posturing to be so wearisome.

That, and the whole inbred royal thing.

At this rate, he and Meggy Megs may end up adopting the Swedish spectrum brat just to prove how down with the struggle they are.

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