The Morning Briefing: Catherine O'Hara, 'Schitt's Creek,' and Comedy Brilliance

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Behold The Comedy Goddess

It’s Friday, so we’re going to mix in some entertainment. The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards are going to be held Sunday night that gives me the opportunity to wax on about one of the greatest characters I’ve ever seen in television comedy: Catherine O’Hara’s portrayal of Moira Rose in Pop TV’s Schitt’s Creek.


O’Hara is nominated for the “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series” award and, if she doesn’t win, all awards shows should be canceled forever (I know, I know…a lot of you already think that).

Having spent most of my adult life in the comedy business, I’m a bit picky when it comes to sitcoms and whatever else is put forth as humor on television, especially in recent years. Veep bores me. The Big Bang Theory was painful. Modern Family has its moments, I will admit. I do like The Good Place.

Schitt’s Creek, however, is the funniest non-animated thing I’ve seen on television in a long time, and I’m afraid I may never see anything this good again. O’Hara is absolutely unreal. The show was created by her old SCTV colleague Eugene Levy and his son Daniel. If Levy didn’t write this part for his old friend, she immediately made it look as if it were written for her.

Moira Rose is an over-the-top role that O’Hara takes and makes even bigger. In the hands of a lesser comedic actress, the whole thing would be cartoonish and less funny. O’Hara’s brilliance allows her to always be in control of a performance that would get away from pretty much anyone else.

When asked about the popularity of Moira Rose, O’Hara told the Los Angeles Times that she is “surprised by the whole thing.”


The first four seasons of the show are on Netflix right now. If you haven’t seen it yet, trust me on this one. O’Hara and Levy are from the legendary “SCTV” cast that also included Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, and John Candy. When O’Hara isn’t owning a scene by herself, watching the two of them work together is a sheer delight. There really isn’t a wasted performance in the show; all of the characters are fantastic.

O’Hara is one for the ages in this though.

All Hail the Return of VodkaPundit’s Electoral College Wargaming

Our own VodkaPundit Stephen Green has rebooted his popular “Wargaming the Electoral College” series. Steve does the heavy lifting for you, looking at various Electoral College scenarios and the reasoning behind them.

Here’s a tease from the first Election 2020 entry:

Last week, Time’s Brian Bennett delivered a look inside Trump’s plan to flip even more blue states next year. The story begins in New Mexico, which hasn’t been won by a Republican since George W. Bush in 2004 — and even that was a very near thing. Nevertheless, Bennett reports that Team Trump “is planning to announce a state director and additional ground staff there in the coming weeks.” The play is to “energize a slice of the state’s Hispanic voters” just big enough to turn it red. Jared Kushner told Time, “I can see us very aggressively playing in 18 swing states,” as opposed to just 11 last time around.


I will feature content from each new installment here. This may very well end up being the most interesting presidential election in history and it should be fun watching it all play out.

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The Kruiser Kabana

Call me when the wearable bed happens…

The Schitt’s Creek YouTube page doesn’t have that many Moira-centric clips but here is another.

T.G.I.F. friends. Yoga pants are awful.

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