The Morning Briefing: Hillary Gets Drunker, Dems Try to Cancel God

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Granny Maojackets Is Shotgunning Boxes of Franzia Now

America’s most obnoxious alcoholic grandmother left her porch rocker to scare the neighbor kids with stories again.


Undoubtedly reeking of mothballs and failure, MeeMaw Clinton was speaking to the Democratic version of bitter clingers and continuing to spread the baldfaced lie that Stacey Abrams should be Georgia’s governor right now.

The most galling aspect of Hillary’s post-2016 political wandering in the desert isn’t that she keeps offering untruthful versions of why she isn’t president; it’s that she does it completely unchallenged by anyone in our brave media.

Despite her many and obvious flaws, Hillary Clinton remains the Delusion Whisperer for the collective fever dream that keeps Democrats believing that every political failure of theirs is the result of subterfuge.

The Hill covered Mrs. Clinton’s ramblings, letting her usual litany of excuses for her 2016 failure and her ominous tale of our “crisis in democracy” go unexamined.

The “journalist” covering the story then offered this bit of surreal insanity:

Clinton has mostly cut a low profile since her shocking 2016 election loss to President Trump.

Rarely, if ever, has a disgraced election loser sought the spotlight as frequently as Clinton has. We were subjected to multiple “random” photos of her hiking and popping into Whole Foods. Then she published a book. Then she did a promo tour for the book.

Then she never shut up.

And if her mouth is open, she’s lying.

Cancel Culture Goes After God

OK, more specifically, they’re denigrating people who pray.

To the surprise of no one, the insidiously awful CNN is part of the assault:


Then, just to hammer home the point that the Democrats and the mainstream media are forever in cahoots, Chuck Schumer repeated the talking point on the Senate floor:

Schumer’s point could have been made without the dig at people of faith. CNN’s effort was a deliberate attempt to denigrate religious people and, by extension, religion.

As for me, I will continue to pray for godless, depraved people like Schumer and whoever is making these idiotic editorial decisions at CNN.

I’ll have to pray even more for forgiveness for all the awful things I will continue to write about them, because I can’t see that stopping anytime soon.

Dem Donors, Amirite?

Weinstein, Epstein…Democrats just have the nicest donors.

A link or two would be nice right about now.

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