Former MSNBC Host Says Network's Russia Obsession Has Done 'Real Damage' to the Left

(Image: YouTube Real Time with Bill Maher Screenshot)

Former MSNBC host and contributor Krystal Ball took the progressive network to task for its obsessive Russia collusion coverage, telling Bill Maher that it has done “real damage to the Left” in the Trump era.


Ball — who used to host MSNBC’s now-canceled “The Cycle” — explained to Maher and a Real Time panel that her former employers went too far down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole, covering things that were “way out from what journalistic facts said.”

Ball added that MSNBC’s Russia coverage kept the network from covering other stories that “people actually care about.”

She made a lot of sense so, naturally, Maher’s panel of lefties (and Michael Steele — same thing — I know) weren’t pleased.

The relevant portion of the clip is the first 1:37. After that, LANGUAGE WARNING.


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