Swedish Truant Greta Thunberg Leads Climate Action March on UN

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Teenage climate hysteria and truancy advocate Greta Thunberg arrived in New York City by boat this week to whip her fellow cultists into a frenzy. On Friday, Thunberg led her squad to the United Nations, most likely because that’s where the exploitative adults around her told her to go.



Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg took her weekly campaign for greater action on climate change to the gates of the United Nations on Friday, urging “everyone who cares about our future” to join her when world leaders gather in New York next month.

Thunberg, 16, started missing school on Fridays a year ago to protest outside the Swedish parliament, sparking a global climate strike movement known as Fridays for Future. She joined 14-year-old New Yorker Alexandria Villasenor on Friday, who began picketing outside the United Nations in New York December.

I went to a Catholic high school. I could have been actually drowning from rising sea levels and still told I had to stay in school to take an essay test. If I ever “started missing school” they would have started my expulsion paperwork.


There was no expulsion paperwork. They just told people to leave and never come back.

Liberals love using children to get their mostly fabricated points across about the issues they hold dear. If you question the child or offer a counter point, they can then say that you are bullying a kid. Years ago, Michelle Malkin began calling them “Democrat Human Shields,” which remains my favorite description.

I don’t refer to them as “climate crazies” or “hysteria pimps” simply because I want to be dismissive or mean, even though I do. I mostly do it because that is precisely how they behave:


A couple of hundred of other young protesters supported them with signs that read “Help my home is on fire,” “If you won’t act like adults, we will” and “Science not silence.” Their chants included “we are unstoppable, a better world is possible” and “sea levels are rising and so are we.”

Wearing t-shirts that read “In Greta we trust,” New York students Bianca Pilcher, 11, and Lila Sabag, 10, said they had one message for world leaders: act now.

“I don’t want to live a short life, I want to live a long life and I want to have my world be healthy as well. I also want to experience having children, having grandchildren and them to not be like ‘what have you brought me in to?’” said Pilcher.
Convincing an 11 year-old kid that she’s going to die young because of climate change is child abuse. The Climate New World Order people need to scare children because they can’t make their points with logic or real science. They grew weary of their computer models always being wrong, which led to them constantly having to move goal posts so they’ve opted for whipping up a panicky mob among the youth.
We’re all living longer than we ever have before. If the self-proclaimed believers of science were what they say they are, they would tell young Miss Pilcher that.
There has been, however, a slight downward tick in life expectancy in the U.S. in recent years due to narcotics addiction and despair.
Well done, hysteria pimps. Your fear-mongering is killing people.
There were some staged photos of Thunberg and other kids from the protest Friday, but wider shots on social media and elsewhere show lots of adults around, of course.
I’ve frequently made this point about David Hogg, who was still 17 when he became the poster boy for the anti-gun people. I think it still applies even though he’s 19. Adults who use kids as media tools to advance political agendas are doing great psychological harm to them. Just this week, Hogg fantasized about martyrdom in the name of keeping the narrative going.
That’s sick.
Thunberg’s message to kids is that they are going to die before they can have kids of their own and that its OK to skip school to get what you want.
That’s a message given to her by adults who have turned her into a damaged puppet.
But I’m evil if I use a plastic bag.

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