The Morning Briefing: RECESSION! (Or Probably Not)

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A Different “R” Word For a Change

After weeks of barking “RACIST!” like trained seals, the media shifted to another “r” word over the weekend: recession.


Sure, they’ve been murmuring it here and there for a while now, but they really upped their narrative-pimping game with it over the weekend and it’s only going to get worse going forward, I promise.

Perhaps someone at Democrat Central finally figured out that their “all racism, all the time” platform might not be winning the hearts and minds of the people they lost in 2016 and need next year.

Few things can turn the tide in an election like a tanking economy, so the Democrats are now praying to whatever passes for a god over there and hoping that, absent a real recession, they might be able to scare voters into thinking one is on the way.

On Twitter, it looked as if social media managers of various media outlets were being paid by the number of times that they could use the word “recession.”

Credit to the Washington Post, which really shook things up by running a headline over a picture of President Trump with the word “Depression” in it.

The juiceboxers at Vox admitted halfway through their perfunctory recession post that they didn’t know if one was coming.

That’s just it, no one does. If, however, the MSM can raise the noise level and use the power of repetition to create the sense that one is imminent, they might be able to create panic, even if a real recession doesn’t materialize.


I won’t link to them, but CNN’s site and social media feeds had enough recession talk that I checked my wallet a couple of times just to make sure things were all right.

The New York Times was shockingly honest as it opened its recession article:

These three things are all true: The United States almost certainly isn’t in a recession right now. It may well avoid one for the foreseeable future. But the chances that the nation will fall into recession have increased sharply in the last two weeks.

So, it’s not happening but it might and that’s reason enough sound the alarm.

One can almost feel the glee oozing out of the pores of the members of the media at the prospect of so many suffering. As long as they can get rid of President Trump, they care not if average Americans suffer. They are actually hoping for this misery to fall upon us.

The president, of course, has no patience for multi-pronged media attacks and availed himself of his favorite method of communicating with the people to counter:


The White House Twitter account got in on the action too:

For those who missed it in the links last week, Obama era Fed chairwoman Janet Yellen got deep in the weeds to explain that the tea leaves many are reading to predict a recession don’t mean as much this time around.

Another Tragic Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan

The New York Times reports that at least 63 are dead and almost 200 are wounded after a suicide bomber walked into a crowded wedding celebration.

On to the links.

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OK, not everyone is awful



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