The Morning Briefing: Fredo Lives!

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Peak 2019 Up In Here

Finally, someone at CNN did something worth watching.

Just when Monday was looking like it would be a cliche irredeemable bore, the internet gods bequeathed a gift unto us in the form of one Christopher C. Cuomo, formerly known as “Cuomo the Lesser” and now forever to be remembered as “Fredo.”


My favorite part of the meltdown vid is when Cuomo says, “I’m an anchor on CNN,” as if that gives him some sort of tough-guy street cred. I know that if I am ever in a dangerous situation in a dark alley at night I hope a cable news guy will materialize at my side.

The big takeaway, of course, will be Cuomo equating Fredo with the n-word. That’s another one of those, “if a conservative had said that” things.

Sure Chris, a weak insult based on a 47-year-old movie is totally the same as what black people in America go through. You are so down with the struggle.

Cuomo got some support from an unlikely source just as all of the mockery was reaching a fever pitch on social media:

Way to make it weird, Sean.

There will no doubt be a variety of hot takes as to the levels of wrongness by both parties in this video. I’m not buying the story about the guy truly not knowing who Fredo was, and Cuomo did really overreact, especially given the fact that his young daughter was there.

The past few years have really worn on us as a society and, while I don’t condone public harassment of anyone, I can’t resist noting that this is a golden opportunity to write about CNN’s influential role in helping create the current angry climate in America.


The once respectable (yeah, I’m older) network has been an irresponsible, hate-filled propaganda machine since the 2016 election. Yes, they were bad before that, but I’ve been writing about media bias for 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.

In yesterday’s briefing I had two links that showed Beto O’Rourke on Jake Tapper’s show calling all Trump voters racist, then in the next breath calling for unity. Rather than challenge Beto on the hypocrisy, Tapper just stared at him like he wanted to ask him to prom. The bashing of Trump supporters is so ingrained in the culture of CNN now that it didn’t even register with Tapper.

All day, every day, CNN trots out a parade of hosts and contributors who ceaselessly refer to half the country as ignorant and racist. When violence does break out, they then have the gall to say that it’s the people they publicly malign for profit who are responsible for the tension in America. Look in the mirror already.

Cuomo’s “Punk-ass b*tches on the right” comment isn’t an outlier. It’s indicative of the animosity towards conservatives and Republicans that is CNN’s ethos.

In summation:

Don’t harass people in restaurants.

CNN is a loathsome cesspool of anti-conservative hate.

Only the n-word is the n-word.

We should probably all get together for tacos soon.

OK, link time.

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Let’s try to have a sign-off line by the end of the week. Something we can barely get past the censors.
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