#LoveWins: Chick-fil-A Is America's Fave Fast-Food Chain AGAIN

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For the fourth year in a row, America’s fast-food consumers have proven that a love of delicious food and consistently friendly customer service are stronger than the incessant complaining of lunatic fringe social justice warriors.


One might even say that love trumps hate. (How’s that for flipping the tables on them?)

Chick-fil-A is once again at the top of a survey by American Customer Satisfaction Index.

NBC Los Angeles:

Fast-food chain Chick-fil-A, headquartered in College Park, Georgia, has ranked as the best fast-food chain for customer satisfaction in the country for 2018-2019, according to American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

ACSI, a company that provides data for customer evaluations in 46 industries, says it used data from interviews with 23,468 customers chosen at random and contacted via email between June 5, 2018, and May 27, 2019. It asked about categories pertaining to customer experience that include accuracy of food order, courtesy and helpfulness of staff, food quality (taste, temperature, freshness of ingredients) and restaurant layout and cleanliness.

Chick-fil-A ranked No. 1 for the fourth year in a row, according to ACSI, this year with a score of 86 out of 100.

Chick-fil-A’s continued besting of its competitors is stunning given the fact that it has been under a steady, coordinated attack from unhinged leftists for over seven years.

There have been pathetic attempts and successes by mid-level bureaucrats to ban the popular restaurant in airports as well a New Yorker hit piece saying that Chick-fil-A’s presence in Manhattan was a “creepy infiltration” because of all of the Christianity and stuff.


By the way, that successful “infiltration” of New York City happened despite Mayor Bill de Blasio begging people to boycott Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A’s continued success is a reality check for the disproportionately vocal LGBTQ activist crowd. Despite the seemingly incessant media coverage of the activists that creates the illusion that they’re everywhere, they remain an extremely statistically small subset of American society.

Their intolerance may get a lot of MSM love, but it gets shoved right back where it belongs when someone doesn’t want anyone to get in the way of a good chicken sandwich.

Great, now I’m hungry for Chick-fil-A.


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