Ten Independence Day Tweets Showcasing Leftist Media's Hatred for Patriotism

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The Fourth of July is the day we celebrate the glory of the greatest experiment in freedom that the world has ever known. Unless, of course, you work for most broadcast or digital media outlets. Then it’s your job to let everyone know that hot dogs, parades, and fireworks ARE NOT COOL AT ALL.


Some of these tweets are openly hostile, some just aim to sow seeds of division. Leftists’ dislike for America and patriotism is nothing new, they’re just more open about it because they’re blinded by a frothing hatred for President Trump.

Here, in no particular order, are ten “you really shouldn’t be enjoying yourself today” tweets I happened upon.

1. NY Times Speaks for the Founding Fathers

Out of the gate with our first “Military parades are totes commie…” comparison of the day!

2. America the “Just O.K.”

More from what was once the most prominent news source in America. The people who like to complain about America not being great are generally the ones most benefiting from its greatness. Like the free press.

3. Oh No! A Poll!


This is a poll from Gallup that is being passed on by Bloomberg, so it has about as much accuracy as a couple of drunk frat boys talking about girls who turned them down for dates.

4. Paintings are a lie!

The juice box crowd at Vox.com seemed to not want to do any heavy lifting to find something to complain about, so they want you to know that historical depictions in paintings aren’t as accurate as photographs.

5. “But the cost!” Concern Trolling

The MSM have been prattling on about the cost of the parade for days now. You can’t both uncritically champion Elizabeth Warren and the other socialist Democrats running for president and simultaneously pretend you’re worried about American taxpayers. Go home, CNN, you’re drunk.

6. CNN Isn’t Done Not Getting It


More #fakenews concern trolling about costs to go along with a laundry list of what they think is wrong with America that reads as if it were written by someone in the DNC comms department.


No it doesn’t. Glad we cleared that up.

8. Miserable Liberals are Miserable. Discuss.

This is just a case of a permanently aggrieved progressive feeling the need to complain so she comes up with an angle that she believes to be clever. You write for Jezebel. Cleverness hates you.

9. Awful People Think The Declaration of Independence is Awful

Imagine waking up this miserable every day. Real Americans don’t have to, thank God.

10. Fashion Tips AND America Hate!


This hot take was sandwiched between tweets about pictures from Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s wedding. Onion staffers weep for the death of satire.

Did I say ten? Let’s celebrate with a couple of bonus tweets!

Bonus 1: Capitalism is the Worst Unless We’re Making Money

When not giving free air time to Democratic candidates who can’t shut up about the unfairness of capitalism, MSNBC likes to use Uncle Sam to try and pimp some merch.

Bonus 2: Cocaine Mitch for the Trolling Win

Let the triggering begin!

Happy Independence Day my whacky patriot friends!


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