After Complete Failure by the Public Sector in Parkland, Fla., Gun Bill Punishes Private Citizens

(AP Photo/Joe Skipper)

Talk about getting it wrong.

The myriad failures of the “people in charge” leading up to the Parkland shooting have been well documented.

The sheriff blew it.


The school system blew it.

The armed officers on site blew it.

Now there is this news:

ABC News reports that the 911 response problem stemmed from the fact that Parkland “contracts the Coral Springs Fire Department for its fire rescue services and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office for its law enforcement services.” The Coral Springs 911 system isn’t part of the Broward County Sheriff’s 911 system, thus creating a communication breakdown. Broward County sheriff’s deputies and Coral Springs police officers couldn’t coordinate at the scene “due to failed attempts to merge radio traffic” between the two departments.

Any part of this horrific tragedy that one examines yields evidence of staggering incompetence and ultimately tragic bureaucratic breakdowns.

The response by local and state officials thus far has been to cast blame and punish anyone but those actually responsible.


Two SWAT officers who were close by the school and went to help have been suspended because they went without authorization.

On Friday afternoon, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill that is a mixed bag of partial attempts at addressing the problem and appeasement of boilerplate anti-gun activists’ requests. Scott managed to disagree with both aspects (arming school personnel and a 3-day waiting period) while signing the bill.

Despite disagreeing with the two parts of the bill that will be most hotly debated and highly scrutinized, Scott said he believes “this is the beginning” to finding solutions that are “common sense.”

Scott was eager and proud to let everyone know that he hasn’t “spoken to anybody in the NRA since this happened,” which helps keep alive the insane notion that millions of legal firearms owners are somehow at fault.

He’s ready for his moment to be the next great GOP sellout.

The third tent pole of the legislation raises the age from 18 to 21 for anyone who wishes to purchase a gun. That ought to work out as well as it does for liquor purchases.


Accountability really is the issue here. Thus far, a couple of cops who acted on instinct and a huge portion of the population who purchase firearms legally are the only people who are being held accountable. Scott Israel, the monumental buffoon who is in charge of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, is still employed. In a sane world, he would have already been shamed into leaving the area permanently, whether he lost his job or not. After indirectly (or directly, the case could be made) contributing to the massacre of children, he remains in office while law-abiding NRA members are called “terrorists” and told we have blood on our hands.

Sincere efforts to prevent horrific tragedies like this should be made. However, if you want to get rid of the bad guys, maybe stop going after the good guys.



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