WaPo Continues Uncomfortable Liberal Fascination With Political Opinions of Children

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It has become an ongoing joke for American liberals to pretend the world is full of precocious little kids who are just brimming with political opinions. Of course, they don’t think it is a joke, but everyone else does.


The Washington Post–a news organization staffed entirely by people who lack self awareness–has decided to check in with the kiddies to see how they’re faring in Trump’s America.

It can be tough to know exactly how the next generation is processing this difficult, tense era in our country’s history. Toward the end of last school year, we decided to go directly to the source and have Washington third-graders narrate some of the biggest questions of this political moment in their own voices.

I’ll start by giving you three of the examples, but I won’t use the kids’ names.

1: “I think that Hillary should’ve won because people are saying that Trump cheated in the election because they said he was working with Russia or ISIS or something.”

2: “I would vote for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump doesn’t like black people and Hillary Clinton does.”

3: “I think in the future a lot of people will study this because it’s really popular, everyone’s talking about it, really. It’s the most famous election I’ve ever seen.”

The author does say that the comments were “very minimally edited,” but I’m fairly certain that we’re not operating with the same definition of “minimally” here.

Third graders are, on average, 8 or 9 years old. They don’t talk like that. They don’t use phrases like “It’s the most famous election I’ve ever seen,” because they’ve only seen two elections and they weren’t old enough to remember the first one.


Third graders talk about TV, lunch, and what they want for their birthdays. In the Bizarro World of lefties who imbue everything with politics, however, this is what they think third graders talk about:

They were generous, thoughtful and eager to talk about everything under the sun: personal experiences with racism, environmental policy, whether it’s a good idea to clone dinosaurs.

If you ever meet an eight year-old who waxes on about environmental policy, his or her parents should probably be arrested for child abuse.

Third graders are not deep political thinkers, no matter how many times the liberals try to make them out to be. They can be good parrots though, mimicking things they hear a lot from their parents. An eight-year-old talking about politics is really just repeating parental opinions on politics.

So why do leftists continually do this then?

Mostly for the optics. It’s one thing for a CNN reporter to say President Trump is scary, but it has more impact if it can be made to seem that he’s terrorizing school children. As Michelle Malkin has long been fond of saying, the Democrats use kids as political human shields.

It’s just wrong, by the way. Adult concerns should not be placed in the heads of children, especially just to score some cheap political points.

My daughter was ten years old when Barack Obama was elected and sworn in. She knew I didn’t vote for him, but not much beyond that. Mostly because I’m an adult and I don’t discuss politics with children.


She asked me one question on election night in 2008. She wanted to know if I was sad. I honestly told her I wasn’t, because I’d been at this for a long time and I knew there would be another election one day where my candidate won.

I don’t think she asked me another question about politics until she was a senior in high school and getting ready to vote in 2016. I didn’t politically indoctrinate her because I wanted her to be a kid.

Liberals don’t see things that way. The sooner they can turn a young mind into progressive mush that demands free things, the better. That’s why they’re always touting the virtues of turning kids over to the education system even before preschool.

Leave the kids alone. Give them some goldfish crackers and a juice box rather than make them learn their parents’ opinions on environmental policy.

Heck, I’d rather have some goldfish crackers and a juice box when anyone starts talking about environmental policy.

Or any politics.


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