Media Quickly Moves from 'Build' to 'Destroy' with Ken Bone for Honesty About Trayvon Martin


Because it’s 2016, America can no longer have nice things. The one mild diversion from the last debate in the black hole of awful that is this election was Ken Bone. The sweater, the look, and the positive attitude were just what a nauseous, weary public needed as a benign excuse to not have to talk about them for a few minutes. It was so glorious the the media powers-that-be decided to turn Ken Bone into an overnight celebrity, as they have the power to do.


The seemingly affable Bone embraced it, and even went the capitalist route with it:

It’s the Friday after the Ken Bone phenomenon started, and the media (social and mainstream) love for him was SO last Wednesday.

His big sin?

He looked at dirty pictures and said dirty words online.

OK, that was the initial excuse.

What really put the leftmedia in twisted knickers mode was Bone’s very astute assessment regarding the circumstances surrounding Trayvon Martin’s shooting:

Most damaging of all, he suggested the killing of Trayvon Martin was “legally justified”—however we should note that Bone did go on to add that George Zimmerman, who was acquitted in the killing of the unarmed teenager on the basis of Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law, was a “big ole shit bird.”

Are we really to believe that the media is upset about an American man looking at nudity on the Internet?


Poor Ken Bone committed the cardinal sin of running afoul of a lefmedia false narrative. In the eyes of the MSM, Trayvon Martin was more innocent than a baby lamb. The courts thought otherwise but we mustn’t ruin a good leftist fairy tale now.


Look for a LOT more of this once Dame van der Cankles assumes her dictatorship next January. Incorrect opinions will be punished severely. Yes, it’s been happening under the current administration, but President Obama has one thing that Mrs. Bill doesn’t: a hobby. All those hours he spends golfing aren’t spent doing awful things to the American people. Hillary just stews in her sarcophagus all day, getting angrier by the moment.

Ken Bone would be enjoying a slight extension of his 15 minutes had he not offended the Thought Police.

Weep for Ken Bone.

Weep for America.

Or join me for a drink.


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