University of Michigan to Drop $45 Million on Cultural Sensitivity Training

Via Reason:

The University of Michigan will spend an additional $45 million on new diversity efforts, including a cultural sensitivity training program that will involve the continuous monitoring of students’ progress toward greater inclusivity.

What little we know about the program is concerning. The ultimate goal is to subject all students to the “Intercultural Development Inventory” or a similar test that assesses cultural sensitivity. Individual students will then be given “learning plans” that are specifically tailored to them, based on how well they did—in other words, students who are judged to be too insensitive might be given more work to do.

Later, students will take another assessment to ensure that they are making progress.


In an era when everyone is complaining about the price of college spending, $45 million  on anything seems excessive. Spending it on thought control is just creepy though.

There was a time when the university experience was all about exposing young adults to new ideas and people. This is about forcing impressionable minds to think pre-approved thoughts, and forcing them to change if they don’t.

That’s not education, it’s indoctrination. It’s definitely not American.

The Soviet Union mindset is alive and well. It’s moved out of Russia, however, and into American academia.

What higher education in the United States needs is to be rid of this nonsensical hyper-leftism and get back to the business of giving students some skills that can be taken into the real world along with the crushing debt that results from overpaying these tenured loons.



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