Report: Fiorina Angling for Reince Priebus' Job


Former HP CEO and 2016 presidential contender Carly Fiorina is actively laying the groundwork for a bid to be the next chair of the Republican National Committee, according to state GOP officials who have followed her plans.

Fiorina and her aides have plotted an aggressive season of travel this fall to states with and without close Republicans races as she looks to help down-ballot Republicans, but people familiar with the plans said she is also looking to curry favor with the influential 168 members of the Republican National Committee. In phone calls and emails, Fiorina has reached out to party chairs across the country as well as RNC committee-men and -women who will elect a successor to incumbent RNC chairman Reince Priebus in January.

“The past few months Carly has been helping out with major races around the country, I know she is planning to reach out to your party chairman in the next week or so, just to touch base and see if there is any way she could be helpful to Republicans in the [Insert State or Territory] this Fall,” a Fiorina advisor wrote to multiple state party executive directors in recent weeks.


As this article notes, this is obviously all a no-go if Trump wins. It is also a sign that Carly is in the “that ain’t happening” camp.

Reince’s approach to, and postmortem assessment of, the 2012 election should have precluded him from being elected for a second term. As we have seen, however, the GOP lost its will to be functional or victorious a while ago. The 2010 and 2014 midterm victories were a gift from a portion of its constituency that it loathes, and will probably have to do without for a while.

Priebus allowed the Romney camp to go ahead with an untested get-out-the-vote system that ended up being a disaster. That’s something that he should have been all over, but he just trusted the Romney people because the words of the advisers are sacrosanct, right? I spoke to Priebus in August of 2012 and asked how the GOTV efforts were going to be and he said, “We’re gonna crush ’em.”

Sure, Champ.

The unfortunately (or appropriately given what’s transpired since) named “autopsy” after 2012 couldn’t have misread Republican conservative voters any worse had they given it to a drunk Kennedy cousin to write.

As one surveys the Republican landscape, it’s difficult to imagine almost anyone not being able to do a better job than Priebus.


On some days, it’s even more difficult to imagine that there will still be a Republican Party to do the job for.


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