Newt Ponders Trump Train Exit, Calls Donald 'Absurd Amateur'

Weird getting weirder.

Former House Speaker and Trump supporter Newt Gingrich called the billionaire businessman an “absurd amateur” on Wednesday, and repeated his criticisms of Trump’s attacks on a Mexican-American judge over his heritage. Trump “made a really stupid mistake last week, and it took him about three days to learn,” Gingrich said at the BIO International Convention in San Francisco.


Let’s take a quick trip down Newt’s Recent Memory Lane via Twitter.

As you can see, Newt hasn’t merely been a Trump supporter, he’s a gushing fan. Teenage American girls in the ’60s showed more restraint when watching Beatles concerts.

So what gives here?

Has the Newtster irreparably damaged what looked like “Top of the List” status as Trump’s VP pick?

Or is he just trying to prove that he is his own man before becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump Presidential Enterprises? After all, Trump has been engaged in a fake battle with Megyn Kelly and Fox News for months solely to create maximum media attention. Why not create some faux drama with Gingrich to heighten the Veepstakes drama? Gingrich can spend a week or two appearing to be principled, then he can get back to drooling over Trump 24/7, all of which creates the appearance that, deep down, Newt really does think Trump is conservative.


Maybe what all of this really means is that Megyn Kelly is going to be the next vice president of the United States.


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