Surprise! Mass Murder Rates Fell Right Along with Communism

(AP Photo/Dieter Endlicher)

Recent American celebrity fetishism with Cuba and its Potemkin Kardashian Villages is probably giving a lot of millennials the mistaken impression that communism is A-OK. As it is often difficult to communicate concepts to them in words, the good people at Human Progress have provided a nice, easy-to-understand picture:
Communism Mass Murder


While the chart doesn’t mention communism, you can see that the mass-killing numbers began falling precipitously at the same time that the largest communist apparatus on the planet was being dismantled.

As you navigate the lunacy of radical Islam appeasers, bear in mind that many of the same kinds of arguments were being made by Soviet appeasers during the Cold War. Anyone recognizing the actual threat was vilified in liberal intellectual (yeah, I laughed) circles and the media.

A long, long time ago we had a president who wasn’t afraid to call the bad guys bad, even during a campaign.


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