#SMOD Update: Julian Assange's Cat Is on Twitter

(AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

Hey, at least it’s not Trump news.

Hiding in central London for four years makes the world a lonely place for the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. But not anymore.

The embassy quarters that Assange has called home since 2012 welcomed a new guest for his company: A fluffy kitten.
The news about Assange’s kitten was made public by WikiLeaks — once known for uncovering deeply held government secrets — and its media operation Sunshine Press.

The organisation said the kitten was a gift from Assange’s children “to keep their father company”.

Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy in central London since 2012 rather than return to Sweden for questioning about alleged sex crimes. He faces arrest by British police if he leaves the building and, with the exception of occasional trips to the embassy balcony, has not been outside for years.

He fears being sent to the United States on possible charges there related to WikiLeaks’ publication of secret documents.

WikiLeaks and Sunshine Press have released a photograph of the kitten and Assange appearing deep in contemplation.


It’s the rare criminal who fears getting extradited to more than one country if left unprotected. Millions still think this guy is a hero for the WikiLeaks stuff but I never hear them bring up the sex crime in Sweden. Then again, lefty folk heroes generally get a free pass on sexual misconduct.

The cat quickly got its own Twitter account (hey, cats are smart), giving us a glimpse into Assange’s Ecuadorian Embassy prison hideout. In this tweet, the picture of the two doesn’t suggest that they’re “deep in contemplation,” as the article suggests. It really looks like the cat is thinking, “If I were a lion I’d already be eating your lying perv face.”

In whatever language the cat speaks, of course.


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