'Libertarian Party' Google Searches Spike After Cruz Bails

Strange times.

Donald Trump crushed it in the Indiana GOP primary last night, winning more than 50 percent of the vote and causing Ted Cruz to drop out. Although John Kasich is still in the race, he has only won one state so far while Trump is less than 200 delegates from securing the nomination.


This scenario caused quite a few stalwart Republicans to finally be done with the “our candidate is less awful than theirs” tactic that’s been employed for twenty years. A sudden interest in the Libertarian (Big “L”) party hit Google:
Libertarian Google Search

In the many decades I’ve been a Republican activist I’ve seen angst over various nominees, but I’ve never seen people quickly jump ship. Tonight I did.

Here’s radio talker Steve Deace:

And Ricochet editor Jon Gabriel:

Last, but never least, me:

Gary Johnson hates raising taxes. The GOP I used to know did too. They don’t anymore.

Good enough for me.


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