YUUGE News: Christie's Approval Numbers in NJ Lowest Ever

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Via The Hill:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s approval rating in his state is just 26 percent, an all-time low, according to a new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll released Thursday.

The governor, who endorsed Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in February, has an unfavorable rating of 64 percent, its highest point since Christie took office.

Christie’s favorability is down 3 points since the same poll in February, while his unfavorability is up 5 points in the same span.

Among Republicans, Christie’s favorability is also dropping. About 56 percent of New Jersey Republicans have a favorable view of the governor, while 34 percent have an unfavorable opinion.


A 64 percent unfavorable rating is perilously close to “only my immediate family likes me” territory. This certainly doesn’t help make the case for being Trump’s running mate, which is obviously what Christie has been sucking up campaigning for since dropping out of the race for the top spot on the ticket. Generally, the veep pick has to deliver a home state that his/her party wouldn’t automatically carry in the general election. That task would have been difficult even if Governor Trumpboy had approval numbers that were through the roof. That’s obviously not going to happen now. There is no way that Christie has been such a loyal lap dog just to get the AG spot in a Trump administration. He had to have been gambling on his early loyalty to der Orangenführer propelling him to the Number Two position.

Now he’s going to have to keep his fingers crossed for a “Celebrity Apprentice” audition.



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