Poll: Americans Want Congress to Reject Iran Deal

No kidding.

A growing majority of Americans are turning against the nuclear deal with Iran and believe Congress should reject the deal brokered between the U.S., five other world powers and Iran.

As Congress inches closer to a vote to approve or disapprove of the deal, 56% of Americans now say they think Congress should reject the deal with Iran — up from 52% less than a month ago — according to the latest CNN/ORC poll released Thursday.

And 6-in-10 Americans also disapprove of President Barack Obama’s handling of the U.S. relationship with Iran, according to the poll.


At this point one would have to assume that it is only the most hardcore supporters of The Idiot King who want this to proceed. In their world, saving face for him is more important than long term national security concerns.

That this is such a priority for the administration lends tragic context to just how awful foreign policy has been during his tenure. This wildly unpopular deal is being feverishly pushed to enhance (in their minds, anyway) his legacy.

The deal will, sadly, probably survive, as the dumber, weaker Democrats keep falling in line.


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