State Dept: 'Yeah, Hillary Didn't Give Us All The Emails'

Forgetful grandma is forgetful…

Hillary Clinton did not give the U.S. State Department at least 15 emails from her personal server from her time as secretary of state, the department said on Thursday, undercutting her claim that the 30,000 emails she provided were a complete record.

The State Department learned the email record was incomplete after U.S. lawmakers investigating the deadly 2012 attack on diplomatic staff in Benghazi, Libya, were given several previously undisclosed emails discussing Libya by Sidney Blumenthal, an old friend and informal adviser to Clinton.

“There are … a limited number of instances 15 in which we could not locate all or part of the content …,” the State Department official said in an email. “The substance of those 15 emails is not relevant to the 2012 attacks in Benghazi.”


So…they don’t have the emails but they know what isn’t contained in them?


Prepare for Mrs. Bill’s flying monkeys to hit the airwaves blathering on about it being “only” fifteen emails and “no big deal” for the next week or so.

It only takes one email to cover the details of a Clinton Global Slush Fund agreement, by the way.

This failure to completely comply is classic Clinton stuff. They’ll dismiss it and immediately cast her as a victim of a witch hunt, which in Hillary’s case is a most apropos use of the phrase.

Either way, she said she turned them all over and she didn’t. So she lied.



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