Feds Release New Fracking Regulations Based on Debunked Studies

Oh-oh, the government is “helping” again.

“This updated and strengthened rule provides a framework of safeguards and disclosure protocols that will allow for the continued responsible development of our federal oil and gas resources,” she said in a statement.

The Interior Department said more than 100,000 oil and gas wells exist currently on land managed by the federal government. Of those, more than 90 percent use hydraulic fracturing.

Rules that go into force in 90 days call for higher standards to mitigate environmental risks, increased transparency about the chemicals used during the hydraulic fracturing process and provisions to ensure groundwater supplies are protected.


This is the administration responding directly to anti-fracking enviroloons whose entire movement is based upon studies that are routinely proven to be flawed and/or flat-out wrong. Fracking is ushering in an era of energy independence that the greenies desperately wanted to save for themselves. They’re appalled that something might undermine their incessant pleas for federal money to explore alternative energy sources that haven’t had any large-scale viability, for the most part.

They’ve gotten a blank check from Team Lightbringer but that gravy train will hopefully be completely derailed if the “right” Republican is elected president in 2016.



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