MSNBC Too Childish Even For Some Of Its Liberal Guests

Grow up.

Trying to portray the Supreme Court as being in the pocket of corporations is an inaccurate and unproductive way of understanding how it operates, according to left-leaning Harvard constitutional-law professor Laurence Tribe. He encouraged MSNBC and its viewers to abandon that practice in the aftermath of recent rulings.

As host Joy Reid tried to characterize the John Roberts Court as ruling at the expense of people in favor of corporations, Tribe repeatedly urged her to distance herself from that “much too simplistic” approach.

For example, he found the Hobby Lobby ruling was “not as radical a decision as some people think” in protecting private entities from needlessly burdening their faith. Additionally, he reminded her that Citizens United not only protected corporations’ free speech, but that of unions as well.

“I’m a great watcher of MSNBC — I like preaching to the converted — but I think that when push comes to shove, we’ll do a lot better trying to understand what’s really going on inside the minds of all these people rather than just doing kind of cardboard cut-out caricatures,” he explained.


In his desperation, The Idiot King has already promised to flail and overreach even more. As the administration becomes increasingly covered in flop sweat, it follows that its cheerleading squad will plumb new depths of ridiculousness in their attempts to prop it up. It will remain to be seen if some of the more old school liberals who weren’t brought up in the hyperventilating new media era, want to distance themselves from the silliness.



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