Media Matters Has A Sad Over Glenn Beck & S.E. Cupp Bringing Ratings To Piers Morgan's Time Slot


Tonight CNN will air an hour-long interview its employee S.E. Cupp did with Glenn Beck, who is also her boss at Beck’s own news network. CNN failed to disclose this conflict of interest while promoting the special in an interview with Cupp.


It is refreshing to see the Soros Lap Boys take a break from their standard “ZOMG-FOX NEWZZZZZZZZZ!” hyperventilating but the pathetic habit they have of desperately prejudging something that is going to overwhelm them anyway has taken on a “puppy chasing its tail” quality. It’s cute to watch the futility for a moment, then it just becomes sad and boring. Also, it is more than likely that a mere whispering of the name “Glenn Beck” to any of them in the middle of the night induces a soiling of the “Hope” poster onesies.

The poor dears are up in arms because there was no disclosure during a promotion for the interview, not the interview itself. As for that, Ms. Cupp says it’s covered:


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