Colorado's Anti-Gun Legislative Loon Target Of Recall

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Gun-rights activists submitted a petition on Monday to initiate the first recall election of a state lawmaker in Colorado’s history for his support of laws restricting firearms.

If the Colorado secretary of state validates at least 7,200 of the more than 16,000 signatures submitted, state Senate President John Morse, a Democrat, would face a recall. The move is being watched nationally by both sides of the gun-control debate.


This clown-car effort in Colorado is already costing the state some business and has many speculating that it could turn the state from the purplish it’s been the last few elections back to something a bit more red. It was an overreaching effort that featured some nonsensical “reasoning” by Morse and his ilk.

Should the signatures be validated it’s probably a lock that any opposition candidate will have some NRA fund raising resources of which to avail him or herself.



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