A Chilling Tale of the Future

Date: December 1, 2020

From: The Office of the National Security Advisor, Atlantic Union of America

To: President-General Rice

Re: Recent discoveries requiring your immediate attention.



The following document — charred and incomplete  — was found by Dixie spies in the burned wreckage of an “insane asylum” near Gorky. The New Soviets, just like the old ones, frequently declare political prisoners insane, then lock them up and keep them medicated. In other words, there’s at least some chance what you’re about to read is genuine.

Our people hacked into Dixie’s computers from the new Unified Intelligence Agency Infowar Center outside of Philadelphia to get the copy you hold in your hands, Madam President-General. Should they be awarded the usual e-medals, classified?

Vladimir Putin denies any knowledge of the “asylum” bombing. His spokesman from the Office of the Novosoviet Minister for Sport and Recreation called it “an act of God.” Of course, his spokesman said the same thing when the Novosoviet Duma enacted the Enabling Legislation making the Minister for Sport and Recreation the de facto ruler of the entire NUSSR. Just as Putin had done for his previous positions as Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister, Director of Mines and Forestry, Dean of Admissions at the Moscow Technical Institute, Prime Minister, and President.

The document purports to have been written by Professor Igor Panarin, perhaps around the time of your inaugural in 2017 or earlier. Back in the late Naughts, Panarin was known to us as a Russian expert in infowar. This was several years before the Crackup, Holocaust II, and the various Arab and Asian unifications.


Our forensic experts have been unable to establish whether the document is genuine, or yet more misdirection from our enemies in Dixie, Mexico, the Iranians (or their Shia Arab State proxies), or the NUSSR-Middle Kingdom Axis. But the UIA Director thinks it would be wise to at least treat it as genuine, if only for the time being. The implications are serious enough that, with your permission, I’ll ask our allied agencies in the California Republic and Lesser Japan to look into the matter from their ends. Given the extreme pressure they’re already facing from the Middle Kingdom on the Himalayan Front, the Indopakis would probably refuse any requests for assistance. If you’ll take another look at the NSA briefing from 10/5/20, you’ll see that the situation is bleak for the Indopaki Confederation, and we don’t expect the government to last through the winter.

Here is what we have from the remains of the document. It appears to be a running commentary on the momentous events of the last 12 years.


[Introduction and parts of first paragraph missing]

…my own efforts at misdirection have at this early date already been revealed. Revelation was of course built in to the norms of the plan, and was in fact integral to the greater plan. “Misdirection by perceived ignorance of facts on the ground” was my own elegant phrase. That subtext was captured perfectly by an interview I did with Izvestia in November of 2008, then broadcast around the world by our stooges in the media. This technique was first fully tested against Georgia, and as time went on, our useful idiots continued to grow in numbers and strength.


On the whole, however, the Stealth Campaign seems to be working as established by the normative plans, and the correlation of virtual forces is at this time distinctly in our favor.

[Missing section of unknown length.]

Building nuclear plants in Iran and Venezuela (along with indications we’d also do so for the Burmese and the Pan-Shia Arab State) has kept the Yankee imperialists misdirected and off-guard. Or rather, on guard to the wrong threats. Meanwhile, our virtual cyberwar army, first fully tested against Georgia, also continued to grow in numbers and strength.

[Missing section, about two pages long.]

Americans’ economy proved to be their Achilles’ Heel. One of the true things revealed in my initial Izvestia interview was that the American economy “is already collapsing. Due to the financial crisis, three of the largest and oldest five banks on Wall Street have already ceased to exist, and two are barely surviving. Their losses are the biggest in history. Now what we will see is a change in the regulatory system on a global financial scale: America will no longer be the world’s financial regulator.” So true. The Oil Slump of 2009 was quickly reversed once the Chinese economy picked up in 2010, and the Americans — gorged again on SUVs — found that 250 of their worthless dollars were no longer enough to buy a single barrel of oil. Their last President, Barack Obama, tried to spend his way out of the predictable Depression. But the resulting inflation weakened the dollar further. Inflating commodity prices — good for Mother Russia! — and a deflating US economy went …


[Missing section, at least one paragraph.]

…completely broke and broken in spirit, the American evacuations from Iraq and Afghanistan couldn’t have come at a better time — and only months after I predicted they would!

Our Iranian friends quickly settled matters in southern Iraq and deposed the hated Saudis. As they ought to have, seeing as how we paid for the whole thing. That much of the money came from the Americans themselves is a tribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of our cyberwar militia.

[Missing section, length unknown.]

…following the military embarrassments and total economic collapse, the Second American Civil War was almost a forgone conclusion. Forgone? I had predicted the very thing in a Most Secret memo to Dean Putin as early as February, 2010! Their restless minorities — the blacks, the Evangelicals, the Hispanics — each looking for scapegoats, and none knowing that we had been behind so many of the tragedies that had befallen them. Once the American spirit (“dream,” do they say?) was broken, there was no putting their fractured Union together again.

But I must worry — are we next? What are these monsters we’ve helped to create? Already the Venezuelans and Cubans are ignoring our advisors and pursuing their own goals against Argentina and Brazil. And as soon as the Chinese have resolved their issues with the Indo-Paki Confederation, will they turn their eyes north to Siberia?


[End Document]


What’s your decision, Madam President-General? Do we move on this new information? Or is it already too late?


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