The Slow Motion Red-Pilling of Bill Maher and Bari Weiss Is More Important Than Their Views on COVID

The gradual red pilling of Bill Maher has been something to watch over the last few years. That does not mean he will become a Republican or apologize to religious people. He may still make fun of Donald Trump and his supporters for clappter. Maher will likely still advocate for higher taxes, more government involvement in healthcare, and other traditionally liberal positions. You can also expect him to go on quite a rant if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Taking a red pill simply means seeing the world as it is. An excellent place to start is realizing that the ruling class is neither Democrat nor Republican. This insight forces you to understand that the elite are united globally in their contempt for America and average Americans. On Friday, a Real Time guest of Maher’s revealed that she is on a parallel journey.

Bari Weiss started her move away from the left when she quit her job at The New York Times. Since then, her Substack has taken on topics that are catechism to the radical left, including critical race theory in education. She also chooses to interview and be interviewed by people from all sides of the political debate. Shortly after leaving the Times, she even sat with Ben Shapiro for an hour-long interview.

In his conversations with Weiss and the other guests, Maher covered a lot of ground. The clip of Weiss stating she was over COVID, the truth about cloth masks, and the uselessness of vaccine passports went viral. Yet the entire conversation provided some other red-pill moments indicating that Weiss and Maher are figuring out that America is in an epic class struggle, not the race war our elites try to instigate.

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Together they had an exchange that highlights what the center-left must come to terms with before we can all join together as Americans who believe in the founding ideals and fix the fundamental problems.

WEISS: The Democrats are supposed to be the party of the little guy. Right? At their best, that’s what it’s about. But you know what the Democrats are now comfortable with, or seemingly comfortable with? A two-tiered system in which the haves get to go into a restaurant, laugh with their friends for hours, and the people serving them are masked and wearing gloves. Or they get to walk as AOC did at the Met Gala while in the background the staff looked like they were in The Handmaid’s Tale. This is a look that is unbelievably detrimental to them.

MAHER: And jobs. The people with the consulting jobs, or whatever bulls**t they do. They get to stay at home and order the food out and do sh** by Zoom. Whereas it’s the working-class people who are breathing their sh**ty stale air all day. That looks like, it’s gonna create a class resentment. I mean it looks like the liberals are always suggesting sacrifices they themselves don’t have to take part in.

Just swallow the red pill already. What Weiss and Maher are seeing is not just a Democrat Party phenomenon. How many Republicans have spoken out about the treatment of the largely working-class defendants being held in Washington, D.C. over incidents on Jan. 6? To say the criminal justice system mistreated them does not require declaring them innocent. Do any Republicans defend voters skeptical about the 2020 election? Point to the apparent election night irregularities in 2020 and the private funding of election offices in swing states by Mark Zuckerberg? Do they support the politicians at the state level trying to fix the election loopholes? Not in significant numbers.

The ruling elite in the Republican Party has just as much disdain for the voters they pander to every few years as Nancy Pelosi had for the masked servants at her Napa fundraiser or the unemployed when she flaunted her designer ice cream. Chapman University Urban Studies professor Joel Kotkin refers to the emerging system that Maher and Weiss describe as Neo-Feudalism.

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In the preface to his book, The Coming Neo-Feudalism, Kotkin describes these trends as leading to class immobility and immense concentrations of wealth and power. The pandemic accelerated these trends that have been underway since we began hollowing out the middle of the country and transporting it to China in the ’90s. Kotkin sees his book as non-partisan and a warning to the global middle class. He frets that it may be too late to save the West and closes the introduction with a caution:

“The future that appears on the horizon is not one that I desire for any country, or for my own children. This book is meant to rally those who cherish independence, freedom, and possibilities for upward mobility that have been the hallmarks of liberal democracy over the past few centuries.”

Like it or not, the coming fight requires us to make strange allies that include principled liberals like Maher and Weiss. If someone from the left appears with Tucker Carlson or Ben Shapiro, it is a fair bet we agree on the fundamentals. We can argue about tax policy, the social safety net, and even abortion policy later. Right now, we have a couple of significant amendments, like the first ten, that need preserving along with the nuclear family, biological sex, and legitimate scientific inquiry.

President Biden was not wrong when he said we are in a fight for the soul of the nation. Unfortunately, he and the other political and cultural elites in the ruling class are on the wrong side of that fight. And from their positions of power, they are drawing battlelines rhetorically to divide us along the fault lines of political affiliation, race, and gender in a bid to maintain their control.

Because deep down, they know if the masked creatures they rely on to fill their wine glass and the parents they label domestic terrorists at school board meetings ever found their common ground, they would fight together to preserve the American Dream. In that dream, any child can become president someday, and if you have some combination of a great idea, a great work ethic, or an exceptional talent, you can escape the circumstances of your birth. Biden and the ruling class elites are determined to slam that door shut.

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