Biden's Vaccine Mandates Are Racist and Elitist

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The glee of the coastal elites in the corporate media following President Joe Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandates is palpable. The residents of the bubble think they are making life difficult for Trump supporters. Taking away the ability of their ideological enemies to earn a living filled them with smug satisfaction, judging by the commentary from MSNBC’s Joy Reid and others.


They seem a little too invested in the narrative the network executives have been feeding them. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccine programs, it has been evident that minorities were getting vaccinated at lower rates. While the geniuses in the media believe the mandates will put the screws to a bunch of ignorant rednecks in states like Florida, that is not necessarily the case. African Americans have the lowest vaccination rates in New York City.

Image via New York City Government Covid tracking site

According to CDC tracking, the trend is the same nationally. Less than 30% of African Americans nationwide are fully vaccinated.

Image via CDC’ Covid Data Tracker

According to a report from ABC News, fears about vaccine safety and doubts about efficacy contribute to lower vaccination rates in the African American and Latino communities. That’s no small wonder when President Biden says that the mandates are to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. What do fully vaccinated individuals need to fear if the vaccines prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and death?

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The administration and its leading health experts have done more to confuse Americans about what the vaccine does and doesn’t do than any cable news program or Facebook post. Here is the chief vaccine authoritarian, Dr. Leana Wen, pushing the lie that unvaccinated people are likely to kill the vaccinated in a way similar to a drunk driver killing a motorist:



All that says to an unvaccinated person is there is no reason to get the vaccine. You will just catch COVID-19 anyway.

Democrat leaders reimposing mask mandates for everyone doesn’t help either. If you are going to be required to mask even after you get vaccinated, what is the point? And of course, the experts consulted by ABC want you to call vaccine-hesitant minorities “vaccine deliberate.” Vaccine hesitant or anti-vax is just for white voters who live in red states and voted for Trump.

The vaccine mandates aren’t just racist. They are also elitist, like the corporate media talking heads. As journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out today, poor and working-class Americans are also less likely to be vaccinated.

Because these individuals are not in the “Zoom class,” they were more likely to experience a COVID-19 infection if they continued to work during shutdowns. According to CDC monitoring, the communities with the highest percentage of people living in poverty experienced the highest case rate per 100,000 in all three waves of the virus. These communities also experienced significantly more deaths.


The talking heads on cable news were able to seclude themselves at home, continue to work, and order in food and other essentials because low- and moderate-income workers were considered “essential.’ Now they cheer punishing them. Nationally, there were outbreaks in meatpacking plants and other businesses deemed essential. Subjecting the recovered to vaccine mandates is absurd based on the currently available studies.

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Israel had one of the most aggressive vaccination programs in the world. Its Green Pass program issues a pass to people who recovered from COVID-19, those who tested positive for COVID-19 even without symptoms, and people who can demonstrate immunity as if they were vaccinated. Since the Delta wave, Israelis who suffered from breakthrough infections are not required to receive a booster and are not eligible for the next one unless their immunity is waning.

On Friday, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, asked Dr. Anthony Fauci about recovered patients. Gupta asked how Fauci would persuade recovered patients to get vaccinated in light of the studies on natural immunity and how the mandates would handle them. Fauci’s answer is ridiculous. He said the recent Israeli study did not address the durability of the immune response. Israel deals with that in six-month increments, extending the Green Pass as data become available.


Research also demonstrated early in the pandemic that patients who recovered from SARS-CoV-1 displayed reactive T-cell immunity 17 years later. Natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 also produces T-cell and B-cell immunity. Even Gupta, a frequent panic porn purveyor, looks skeptical at Fauci’s waffling because it isn’t credible. No one is considering people who can’t have the vaccines for medical reasons.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pointed out just how discriminatory and ridiculous Biden’s one-size-fits-all vaccine mandate is in response to a journalist on Friday at an event in Ponta Verde Beach:

And so, these are times when you believe in that constitution, you got to stand up and obviously the substantive issues’ important because there are places that are going to toss aside people. Who’ve worked, they’ve worked this whole time throughout COVID.

Now all of a sudden they should be tossed aside? They were working when nobody had vaccine, you don’t know their history. You don’t know why they’re making decisions that they’re making. Many of these people have already recovered and they have immunity. The idea that somehow you have somebody that gets a Johnson and Johnson, they can work, but someone that’s got natural immunity somehow can’t? That natural immunity is strong. So it’s not based on science

A few moments later, he added:

It’s going to drive people out of work, out of hospitals, out of all this stuff where you have a need for people. So, it’s totally counterproductive, and I think it will ultimately lose in court. But before that there needs to be action taken to protect the people of our state and hopefully the entire United States. Nobody should lose their job based on this decision.


Which party is standing up for the working class now?


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