Joe Rogan Slams Joe Biden: He Is Out of His Mind and Everybody Knows It

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Joe Rogan minces no words, and luckily, he is pretty near censorship-proof. When Rogan thinks aloud, truth bombs often follow, and his recent comments about President Joe Biden are no exception. All joking aside, Biden’s apparent decline should be of concern for everyone. To anyone who isn’t bothered by the idea, I’d note that we saw First Lady Jill Biden prepping for the recent G-7 on Twitter — and not her husband — or the number of times his peers corrected and redirected him.


The last week has been just as bad. First, Biden said rates of COVID-19 vaccination among Hispanics were low because they were afraid to be deported. Then there was a strange, bug-eyed whispering episode. He pulled an Eric Swalwell and basically threatened to turn the military on American citizens, including using nuclear weapons, to push his ideas on gun control. Then there is him being shepherded away from the press by his handlers as he attempts to engage:

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If these scenes had played out with any Republican president in my lifetime, and most certainly Donald Trump, the media would have replayed the footage endlessly, consuming entire news cycles and resulting in demands to invoke the 25th Amendment. Heck, they were questioning Trump’s mental fitness and whether or not he should have the nuclear football when he took a routine steroid to treat COVID-19. But President Silver Alert can stop and pick dandelions, challenge voters to fistfights, and talk about the body count in our war with Iran, and we are supposed to believe everything is fine.


Rogan isn’t buying it. He dared to say out loud what anyone with eyes can plainly see. During an interview with actress and comedian Illiza Shlesinger on his June 24 podcast, he discussed our bizarre cultural moment and how future generations might view it as more tumultuous than the late ’60s:

Shlesinger: “I think we’ll look back and it will be scary. I don’t know, everybody was afraid of getting canceled, people were eating each other, nobody was listening to science. Like it’s really, even as it’s happening, we are coming across like [expletive] idiots. Like animals.”

Rogan: “Well we’re unhinged in a lot of ways. And we’re not anchored down by a real leader. You know we don’t really have a real leader in this country anymore. You could say Joe Biden is our president, he’s the leader and you’d be correct on paper. But everybody knows he’s out of his mind. He’s just, he’s barely hanging in there.”

Rogan is not alone in making these observations. Ben Shapiro has dubbed him “President Houseplant,” an analogy to his mental status and the fact that his moderate history is hiding the radical policies the way a plant covers a stain on the floor. Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly have speculated about who might be in charge, and Barack Obama has boasted that about 90% of the staff are holdovers from his administration.


Yet on CNN, MSNBC, and other corporate media outlets, we see dreamy speculation about Biden’s character, claims that he is restoring our national character and place on the world stage, and praise for his performance in facing down Vladimir Putin. It would be funny if it were not so terrifying. Putin likely chuckled to himself for much of the trip home from Prague. The Chinese use Biden’s own racially divisive, America-hating rhetoric against us, and the mullahs are thrilled they will be able to finance global terror and enrich uranium again.

Joe Biden’s basement candidacy and a corrupt corporate media committed a colossal fraud on the public in the lead up to the 2020 election. The American people will continue to cringe through the repercussions of that fraud until at least December 2022 because Vice President Kamala Harris has proven she is in no way ready for prime time. Democrat primary voters knew that, but Biden limited himself to picking a running mate solely on intersectional criteria.

Harris’s bizarre reactions to a compliant press corps have been so bad that a recent poll shows her losing a match-up with Donald Trump. In the end, the gift of the Biden presidency may be the end of the progressive project for now and an American electorate that won’t be so easily fooled in the future by an empty suit. Candid observations from those with huge audiences like Rogan can help ensure that will be the case.


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LISTEN to Joe Rogan’s comments (Explicit Language Warning):



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