Private Sector Saves the Day: Daily Wire Crew Raises More Than $50k to Repair AOC's Abuela's Home

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Progressives point out problems, and conservatives solve them. Two days ago, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) tweeted about visiting her grandmother in Puerto Rico. She tweeted out pictures of a sparsely furnished home with buckets on the floor and portions of the roof falling into the living space.


Ocasio-Cortez blames the state of her abuela’s home on Hurricane Maria and President Trump withholding aid. The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh points out the obvious:

Walsh is obviously correct. Ocasio-Cortez lives in a luxury apartment in Washington, D.C., and recently leased a Tesla. Yet, her own grandmother lives like this. And she thinks this is the government’s problem. Just as she believes the government should solve everyone’s problems. While her point about corruption occurring whenever the U.S. sends buckets of cash anywhere is valid, aid failing to reach her grandmother probably has more to do with corruption in Puerto Rico than Donald Trump. It also doesn’t excuse her and her family for failing to improve her grandmother’s situation.

After getting a lot of feedback similar to Walsh’s, she tweeted that her grandmother was okay and had a place to go. She failed to tweet out pictures of workers descending on the dilapidated home to fix the roof, clean the living space, and deliver comfortable new furniture. So, Walsh decided to fix Abuela’s problem:


Of course, his Daily Wire colleagues stepped up and then challenged other members of their network to do the same:

Dave Rubin and Dan Bongino jumped in. Elon Musk and Adam Carolla don’t seem to have tweeted today. Ben Shapiro challenged Glenn Beck, Clay Travis, and Steven Crowder to join and promote the fundraiser. Other Daily Wire staff got involved, including Candace Owens and Emily Zanotti. At least 3,200 people have donated as of this writing, and the fundraiser is well over the original goal of $48,990.

There is just one problem. Walsh and the Daily Wire staff need to deliver the money to Abuela:

There is no word yet on whether Ocasio-Cortez has responded. But at this rate, the fundraiser could raise enough for a complete renovation. And hopefully, the Democrat Socialist from New York has learned the appropriate lesson from all of this:


If you rely on the government to solve all of your problems, you will likely be disappointed. When you are genuinely in need, it is always better to rely on family, friends, and your community. When those people fail you, as Ocasio-Cortez failed her grandmother, the kindness of strangers may just save the day.

The crew at Daily Wire just demonstrated the fundamental difference between conservatives and progressives: progressives agitate, conservatives act.


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