'Fake Woke' - Tom MacDonald SHREDS Cancel Culture. A Must Listen Even If Hip Hop Isn't Your Thing

Tom MacDonald shreds woke culture in his latest video. Image from YouTube video.

If this woke cultural moment seems beyond absurd to you, you’re not alone. When completely mainstream views are attacked and vilified regularly on cable news and the editorial pages of major newspapers, it is not only exhausting. It is maddening. Let’s review one gross example of how woke narratives are spun to benefit one political ideology and denigrate the other.


The nation watched riots, property destruction, and assaults on law enforcement officers all summer long from woke radical left-wing groups. In the end, they caused at least $2 billion in damage, killed approximately 40 people, and injured a minimum of 700 law enforcement officers.

Political elites on the left set up bail funds to release them, and prosecutors in many cities dropped even serious charges. The corporate media called them “mostly peaceful protests,” and social media platforms did not suspend the accounts that organized them. Corporations gave millions to Black Lives Matter Inc., and if you failed to virtue signal by posting a black square on your social media feeds, you could be ostracized. You must get with it and get woke.

Health experts either stayed silent or explicitly said these “mostly peaceful protests” were more important than the pandemic. Yet you were required to remain locked in your home. Those who dared to truly peacefully protest lockdowns were trying to kill the elderly and were also dangerous white supremacists if they exercised their right to open carry. Every Trump rally or White House event was a superspreader event that would surely kill hundreds.

Then the Capitol riot happened. You watched in horror as a comparatively small group breached the barrier and were incensed when you found out they clashed with and injured Capitol Police. You felt no brotherhood with the man with a painted face, a Viking helmet, and spear who proudly stood in the Capitol Rotunda and were appalled by his behavior. In the aftermath, you condemned what happened with the same intensity that you did the months-long destruction over the summer. But that would not matter.


However, because you supported the wrong candidate, you are no different than the man who LARPed a revolution on January 6th. According to Don Lemon, if you voted for the same man, you are on the side of Nazis and white supremacists. He would give you no quarter if you voted because of your policy preferences. None.

And you and the other 74 million Americans who voted the same way are so dangerous that Washington D.C. remains militarized with National Guard troops. The Capitol will have a new barrier because the people are too dangerous to get too close to the People’s House. The DHS has a new acronym to deal with un-woke ideas like thinking there were irregularities in the November election, better border security, or opposing continued lockdowns. You could be a DVE or a Domestic Violent Extremist.

This is just one example of how completely non-sensical narratives get spun that favor one side over the other. One artist put this insanity to music with some smart and sophisticated lyrics. There are no woke sacred cows for hip hop artist Tom MacDonald. Some of his past songs are “Politically Incorrect” and “No Lives Matter.” So, his new single, “Fake Woke,” fits right in.

Here’s a sample of the lyrics that fit that last few weeks with increasing calls for censorship and the GameStop controversy very well:

Censorship’s an issue ’cause they choose what they erase
There’s a difference between hate speech and speech that you hate
I think Black Lives Matter was the stupidest name
When the system’s screwin’ everyone exactly the same


The song is the number one download on iTunes today and has over 3.6 million views on YouTube since January 29th. Take a listen if you are feeling a little frustrated right now. Don’t be surprised if you start nodding your head even if hip hop is not your favorite genre.

WATCH the music video. The lyrics do not include profanity, but there is a visual where the artist holds up his middle finger, and there is some street slang used. If you would prefer to read the lyrics before listening, you can find them here.

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