Nancy Pelosi Just Made One of Her Most Ridiculous Assertions Yet About Faith, Science, and the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Two more years of Nana Pelosi are bound to bring even more ridiculous sound bites than this. But in light of recent events, this one regarding the COVID-19 vaccine might be the dumbest thing she has said all year. Here’s Pelosi claiming “faith-oriented” Republicans believe in “quackery” rather than science:


Exactly no one Pelosi speaks with says anything remotely like that. Senator Marco Rubio, who regularly tweets Bible verses, got his vaccine on camera to encourage others to do the same. In fact, he and Senator Lindsey Graham were savaged by some blue-check lefties on Twitter for taking it at all. These geniuses decided frontline workers deserved it first and thought these privileged Republicans cut in line.

Oddly, these same loudmouthed morons had nothing to say when the younger and much lower-risk Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got the same vaccine. Maybe her history as a bartender gives her a pass. Of course, bars in her hometown are shut down so she would not be on the frontlines of anything.

Devoutly religious Vice President Mike Pence also received his vaccine publicly. President Trump has not and likely doesn’t need to. Early monitoring of recovered patients demonstrates a robust immune response both from antibodies and long-term immune cells called T and B cells. There is no other virus where vaccination would be required in these circumstances, and there would need to be an extraordinary explanation for why it would be required now.


The difference in the reaction to a Republican versus a Democrat receiving the vaccine is, of course, because Republican lawmakers have been more aggressive in questioning the wisdom of lockdowns and keeping children out of school. Early data suggests history will vindicate them. The GOP is also more open to potential treatments and is questioning the blackballing of trusted generic medications. Senator Rand Paul, a doctor himself, questions the sainted Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Democrats mindlessly follow Fauci’s guidance, which routinely contradicts things he has said in the past. In January, he told the media asymptomatic individuals were not a primary driver of respiratory virus spread. Then he remained cagey and silent, leading parents and teachers to believe kids could harbor enough of the virus to make those at higher risk sick while never suffering symptoms themselves. This is an extraordinary claim, yet Fauci never provided any data to back it up. There was plenty of data to refute it, which he never acknowledged until after the election.

So, Republican governors and members of Congress looked at all of the data. Many Republican-led states are open and staying open while Democrats destroy their economies and their residents flee to red states. A fair history looking at which leaders had measured responses to COVID-19 and preserved their states’ economies will undoubtedly favor Republican leaders.


There are high hopes that GOP Governor DeSantis will even blow the lid off the “casedemic” by requiring labs to provide the cycle threshold (Ct) on all positive tests. As The New York Times reported in August, the Ct for the test is too high, amplifying viral debris incapable of making anyone ill. Their analysis showed that about 10% of positive tests were likely to be cases where someone became ill or contagious.

So, Speaker Pelosi is being too cute by half. Republicans are not as likely to take the word of government bureaucrats to the exclusion of all other data. They are also not as likely to ignore dissenting voices in the pandemic response. This skepticism is not faith-based. It’s experience-based. Fauci and the bureaucrats have gotten as much wrong as they have gotten right in the pandemic response.

Now we are being told that there is a vaccine that will prevent you from getting sick but may not stop you from transmitting the virus. So, you will need to mask and distance for the foreseeable future. This has never been the case with a vaccine and defies everything we know about the human immune system.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but the health bureaucracy has not provided any. Democrats have wanted a ruling class of “experts” since Woodrow Wilson and the “progressives” of his time. What Pelosi is actually describing in the soundbite above is an ideological difference.  Her side is much more willing to defer to appointed experts even when there are mountains of data contradicting what they are saying.


Some of us still have faith, but it is in science. And not just the portions of it that are obviously cherry-picked for political power. Here’s to two more years of Speaker Pelosi’s nonsense.

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