Ryan Long Is the Comedian the 80% of Americans Who Are Sane Need Right Now

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Twitter is often a terrible place. It also seems to attract people who hold the most extreme political views. Commentator Dave Rubin has often commented that if you are on Twitter, you think the world is ending. Then you go to Home Depot and find people are still really awesome. Finding comedian Ryan Long on Twitter was more like going to Home Depot.


Much of the corporate media focuses on the extremes in our political landscape. This daily dose of polarization can leave 80% of Americans who don’t identify entirely with either side feeling like we are going crazy. Ryan Long takes well-deserved shots at the extremes that land beautifully. This video is the first one I stumbled across, and I snorted coffee out my nose.

While many commentators, including this one, could sit and expound for several thousand words on how wokeism and racism are two sides of the same coin, Ryan Long and his cohost make the same point in less than two minutes. Devastatingly, I might add. The apparent shared anti-Semitic views at the end were perfect.

For those of us caught between the “Never Trump” and “Always Trump” crowds, the last four years have been frustrating. Watching the Bulwark crowd eschew principles to embrace the things they opposed for years has been something to behold. Likewise, justifying every tweet the president makes or every position he holds that runs contrary to principles of the conservative movement is disingenuous.

There is no doubt who I am voting for in November. President Trump’s accomplishments outweigh his failings. Anyone interested in economic results, America-centric foreign policy, and limited government is likely to feel the same way. However, I can say that the spending in the last few years makes me cringe without abandoning principles I have always embraced.


Comedian Long and his cohost parody this dynamic in our politics in a spot on-fashion as well.

Recently our political world became so intensely stupid that we spent three days trying to cancel a company that makes delicious Hispanic foods. Hollywood stars, members of Congress, and even the president weighed in. That could have been when the term “cancel culture” came the national consciousness.

Bodega Owners Reject Goya Boycott, AOC Hardest Hit

To help the uninitiated understand the phenomenon, Long explained the trend in all of its incomprehensible glory.

Long also helped to explain the theory that Dilbert creator Scott Adams often puts forth. Because of the activist corporate media, Americans are often watching one movie on two screens. Playing a videographer, the comedian demonstrates precisely what we are seeing, depending on where we tune in.

To test if Long’s comedy resonated with the politically indifferent, I sent a few videos to my less engaged friends. They hit the mark, and I got a lot of laugh emojis in return. Many will not pay attention to the election until after the conventions and during the debates, if they happen. However, they still see the absurdity on both sides and find the humor.

Other comedians get it right. Bill Maher is often critical of wokeism on his side and has conservatives nodding in agreement. His willingness to criticize the left tends to give him credibility that the relentless critics like Jimmy Kimmel don’t have. Adam Carolla has never changed, and his sharp observations and the left’s inability to cancel him is rather satisfying. Even Dave Chapelle hit a tone that made people on both sides of the aisle nod in agreement in “Sticks and Stones” on Netflix.

Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Special Is the PC Culture’s Worst Nightmare

However, Long’s quick hits are perfect for the days that the political conversation goes entirely sideways. With election day just over 100 days away, the insanity will become a feature, not a bug. That is why I have subscribed to Long’s YouTube channel. A quick hit of laughter can go a long way to keeping perspective.


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