Twitter Fact-Checking Is Exactly What You Should Expect, Which Is Why Trump Should Take His Feed Elsewhere

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Why anyone who is not a far-left commentator has anything but low expectations of Twitter is a mystery. The recent outrage is the fact-checking of President Trump’s tweets about voting by mail. This is the first time Twitter has applied a fact-check warning to a tweet, and they decided to pick the president’s tweet as their test case.


As usual, Twitter is simply caving to the leftist mob. This is not the first time and it will not be the last. The site has stopped letting users apply for verification because lefties decided the blue check was not just a verification of identity. Rather, it was an endorsement of some kind. Shadowbanning and other behind-the-scenes action to suppress even mainstream content from the right have been exposed by Twitter insiders routinely.

You can tell who Twitter is pandering to in their fact-checking by what you see if you click the link below the president’s tweets. This fact check would make anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton laugh:

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CNN, the Washington Post and “others” is a pretty good indication of who Twitter is trying to satisfy here. Their fact check also deserves some fact-checking. The irony of the Department of Justice filing voter fraud charges against a West Virginia mail carrier for altering absentee ballots the same day as the fact check was a bit much. In the same week, a Philly Judge of elections also admitted to stuffing ballot boxes on behalf of Democrats.

Their claims about California are also adorable. California has motor-voter registration and provides driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. The state had already mistakenly registered legal residents who were not citizens to vote.


California’s voter rolls are also a mess, meaning inactive voters who have died or left their previous residence may still be “registered.” Five states have been sued by voter integrity groups for the same failures to manage their rolls. Add the ballot harvesting that goes on in the state and the opportunity for fraud is significant. It is estimated 250,000 ballots were dropped off after Election Day in 2018 after being harvested. After counting those ballots, they reversed election night results, flipping several long-time red districts to blue.

Finally, Nebraska does not have vote-by-mail. They have absentee ballots which you may request by mail according to their secretary of state’s website. Not the same thing as sending them out to all registered voters.

Conservatives and Republicans should expect this much from fact-checking conducted by almost any of the major platforms. This was Twitter’s first attempt and it was clearly hastily slammed together. It has long been debated whether the bias those on the right experience is the result of employees making individual decisions or platform design. I guess we can now say it is like the employees that design the platform. Here is a small sampling of tweets from Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity, Yoel Roth:


Look at all the times he has been responsible for “trust” at Twitter. His tweets may indicate why no one to the right of the far-left trusts the platform at all.

President Trump is calling Twitter’s actions election interference. Since there has been no fact-checking on Joe Biden’s ads using debunked statements or any of the journalists who suffered from collusion-delusion for three years, the president may have a point. However, he may have the most power of anyone to bring the platform to its knees.

He could simply pick one of the new platforms dedicated to free speech and data privacy with new tools that would give his social media team even more options for speaking to voters. In a single move, he and his popular staff members could migrate millions of people to a new platform with better security, better procedures and alternative revenue models that don’t even capture user data in some cases.

President Trump should meet with the CEOs of Minds, CloutHub, and Parler. Allow them to give their best pitch about why the president should move his account to their platform and make a decision. having been a user on all three, they each have their benefits and unique features. Parler is largely a Twitter replacement. Minds and CloutHub go further with many of the features of multiple platforms including video channels and more.


I admire people like Senator Josh Hawley who want to solve this through legislation or regulation. However, I am a proponent of letting the free market work. We have entrepreneurs who have invested their own capital and ingenuity to build a better mousetrap. To say we are stuck with the status quo is simply not the case. Have you been to your MySpace profile lately?




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