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Leftover Libels of Sebastian Gorka Served Up at Rolling Stone

As Joel Pollak reports in Breitbart this morning, Rolling Stone magazine has refried and repackaged the whole range of lies--comprehensively refuted--against White House adviser Sebastian Gorka. The left-wing media keeps setting a new bar for chutzpah. Central to the Stone story is an attempt to tar Dr. Gorka with guilt by association with right-wing political parties in Hungary, where he was active between 2000 and 2008. "Gorka served as adviser to [Hungary's prime minister Viktor] Orbán," the article states, "who's been called a 'neo-fascist dictator' by Sen. John McCain."

As it happens, the left-wing Jewish news site The Forward offered this allegation in the form of a doctored tape of a 2006 Hungarian television interview with Dr. Gorka. That brought the full interview to light--and the full interview shows Dr. Gorka denouncing Orbán for exploiting popular unrest for nefarious purposes. Sebastian Gorka was not Orbán's "adviser," but a principled and uncompromising critic. I beg the indulgence of readers who have heard all of this before, but it's important to expose the utter mendacity of the leftist media.

Here is what Dr. Gorka actually said, as I reported in this space after the Forward libel appeared:

It is clear that in Hungary, after last year’s violence, [by the former Communist government] a tangible need for organized self defense emerged. After the assault at the Hungarian National Television HQ, which I witnessed personally, -- and it was interesting because the people there were not mostly 40-year-olds who had lived through the Fall of Communism, but mostly young people who felt society was in trouble -- there was a growing need felt by many Hungarians for a defense of the nation’s soul, and I see Jobbik as having decided to politically exploit this, to politically profit from this societal call for protection. And the most important thing of all, and I stress, the most important thing of all is that this isn’t anything to do with the UDK [Gorka's party], but with Jobbik and that FIDESZ is really behind them and supporting it from the sidelines.

All of this is in the public domain.

Most of the Rolling Stone article is made up of quotes from left-wing academics who attack Dr. Gorka out of a mix of professional jealousy and ideological enmity. The Establishment thinks he is being beastly to the jihadists. Typical is this spitball: "Paul Pillar, a former national intelligence officer for the Middle East, says Gorka is too dangerous to be allowed to remain in the White House: 'Gorka represents an intolerance that offends American values and is likely to gain the United States more enemies than friends.'" That is what one would expect from the "Have-you-hugged-a-Hamasnik?" types.