Caliphate Declared, But Moderate Muslims Can Fight Back with This

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (or the Levant) has officially declared the establishment of a caliphate, a Muslim state, with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as the “imam and caliph for Muslims everywhere,” according to a spokesman.


This, of course, was prophesied years ago by Glenn Beck (peace be upon him).

But what would happen if moderate Muslims rose up with one voice and rejected the incipient caliphate, its insipid caliph and the insufferable tactics of violent jihad itself?

I got to thinking that perhaps it’s not the will to reform Islam that’s missing, but the proper public relations firm.

Now, I’m not a PR professional, but I know what I like.

So, in the public interest, I offer the following bumper sticker at no charge to moderate Muslims everywhere. Just click it, print it and tape it to the bumper of your car.

It’s the least I can do…really it is.

Abu al-Baghdadi is Not My Caliph

If moderate Muslims are serious about patching up the public image of the faith, they could start with this bumper sticker. (Click to view full size, print it and tape it to your bumper.)



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