When Antifa Chants 'No America at All'


Apparently while countering the “Unite the Right” (which is neither) demonstration, the brown shirts of Antifa got a little upset there was no one there to fight them.


According to this article on Powerline, quoting an article in the Washington Post by Petula Dvorak (who covered the Antifa demonstration):

Masked — in black instead of KKK white — they pinballed around the empty streets of downtown D.C., randomly chanting and searching for a brawl .

“Bust some windows!” (Why?)

“Nazis, go home!” (They did.)

“No border! No wall! No USA at all!” (Huh?)

First, I want to say that if Ms. Dvorak’s puzzlement at these slogans isn’t faked – is that possible? – it might be time she paid some attention to what is happening in the party she (being a liberal) ostensibly endorses.  That last chant is no surprise for those of us who have been awake for the last 15 years or so.  The Democratic Party – whose violent arm Antifa is – has long since become the Midgard Worm, gnawing at the root of all that allows it and its (generally helpless) supporters to exist.

For those I lost in the last paragraph: the Norsemen, people not known for their sunny outlook on the future, believed that at the root of the “world tree” (i.e the tree that supports our entire reality) there lay a worm, the Midgard Worm, which gnawed at the root and would eventually cause reality as we know it to cease to exist, thereby bringing about Ragnarok (which it turns out is more than just a movie, yes).

Okay, that’s it, and I promise I won’t be inflicting any more reminders of my misspent – if you don’t think sitting in a corner and reading a lot is misspent, you must be me – youth on you.  I also promise that there won’t be a test on Tuesday.  (Perhaps next Wednesday, but not Tuesday!).


But I wanted you to have that image because it’s one found in other less-known mythologies: something that is working to destroy the universe as it exists, in the same universe that allows it to exist.

And it’s a puzzling image.  Looking at it as a myth, you have to scratch your head and go: What were they even thinking?  Was the mead particularly tasty that day?

Except that we’re seeing it play out before our very eyes with the Midgard Worm played by Antifa, an assemblage of the psychotic and the helpless and mostly both, people who couldn’t catch a clue if the clue was on crutches, people who – from the exemplars caught and exposed – either exist in the sheltered bubble of academia or in the equally sheltered bubble of their parents’ basements, people who, if they have any job it’s the equivalent of barista.

These people, who would have trouble existing in the relatively harsher environment of Europe and who only survive because the US is so prosperous and so secure that – outside of a few Democrat fiefdoms like Chicago or East St. Louis — it’s almost impossible to get yourself killed for gross and offensive stupidity, walk around chanting: “No borders, no wall, no America at all.”

Seriously, think about that for a moment.

Now, close your mouth — it doesn’t look attractive hanging over like that.

I know you were overcome by the image of what would happen if Antifa got its wish: they’d last how many seconds in the sh*thole that would replace our thriving economy?  Do they think that the incoming immigrants from everywhere, arrived to devour the corpse of our country – a country without borders is actually dead, even if it might not know it – would be grateful to them for the support and turn to them for their gentle guidance and wisdom?


Or do they think that if you abolish America, what remains in the world is a socialist paradise where everyone holds hands and sings kumbaya?

In either case, have they ever read a history book?  And if the only history book they read was the biased cr*p they give the kids in school today, did they never think or pay attention to the obvious internal contradictions?

In other words, how stupid are these people, yes, even – particularly – the ones teaching in colleges?

The only way to understand this lunacy is what a friend of mine – curiously an academic – defines by saying, “We’re doing all right, it’s just that we lost the cold war.”

He’s not wrong.  Sure, we won the cold war where it counts.  That same American economy that allows the Antifa idiots to survive in their brain-activity-free existence, and provides them with lives in the upper 0.5% percentile of the world, particularly in historical terms, won the cold war by outperforming, out-inventing and out-creating the once-vaunted USSR and knocking it into the cocked hat of history.

The victory should have forever discredited ideas that a planned economy is more efficient, or that the future is communist.  To an extent, it did.  Those of you not passionately interested in politics and economics in the ’70s (I was 17 in 1979. I was also precocious.  Deal), particularly those of you who didn’t read foreign publications, are probably not aware of the sheer faith that normal human beings on the street put into “planned economy.” To an extent that’s gone.  The person on the street is no more likely to break into extolling how in the future we’re all communist (by any other name) than he is to grow wings and fly.


But communism was not discredited where it counted.  There were no long-running exposes of exactly how bad it was in the Soviet Union, or the other communist countries, nor of the massive number of people – at least a hundred million, but quite likely more – that these regimes sent to their graves.  There was no explanation about how imposing this kind of regime from above always leads to a quasi-feudal existence, in which the functionaries at the top are kings and everyone else serfs, because it has to.  Because the people at the top are still human, which means they not only have no idea what is “each’s need” or “each’s ability” but they have their very own greed and desire and other issues the same as any robber baron.  Only at least the robber barons had to establish some industry, create some empire, finagle some monopoly.  Those at the top of the planned economy have full power and carte blanche to JUST rob.

And the problem, as far as we are concerned, is that the Soviet Union, which was always fairly incompetent at everything except propaganda, had emplaced agents into all our organs of culture and mass communication.  The press didn’t explain – ever—why the Soviet Union folded like a cheap red handkerchief because the press was shot through with crypto-communists, aka “progressives” (still is) . The schools didn’t ever teach the reasons communism couldn’t work because the schools of education teach that same crypto-communism under various other names.


Some of it was started by outright agents of the Soviet Union, and some – a lot – by unconscious agents of the Soviet Union, people who felt that the communists would win anyway, and who chose to support them ahead of that win so they’d be eaten last.

Which is where we still are.  The Soviet Union is gone, but these people who devoted their lives to bringing about communism by any other name are still in power: in the press, in all the entertainment venues (from publishing to Hollywood), and in the schools that teach our young.

It took them less than five years after the horrors of the Soviet Union were revealed to go back to preaching communism under the figleaf of “the Soviet Union wasn’t real communism” (just like East Germany, or China, or Cuba, or in fact any place the ridiculously destructive ideology has been tried).

And like any invading force that occupies a country, they use their control of schools and the mass-industrial news and entertainment complex to try to eradicate our pride in our country, our unique ways of living, and those things that made America great.

They weaponize the brainless young and turn them against the only country that could allow them to exist.

To rob them of their power, we need to homeschool.  By which I mean either not send the kids to school at all, or send them to school but homeschool them afterward.  This includes figuring out all the weird cr*p the school is putting into their heads and countering it with real history and real facts.


By the way, if you send your kids to a private school, don’t think they’re not getting their head filled with communist propaganda.  Often they use the same books as the public schools, but more importantly, often they are well to the left of their public school counterparts.  Part of what happened in our country is that “being leftist” became a way to signal that you’re upper class.  (This is also normal for an invaded country, where identifying with the invader brings you benefits.) So private school teachers/parents are likely to be to the left of the average American.

Another thing you can do to prevent your kids becoming Antifa is to make sure you don’t make their lives too easy.

Having a clue about where money comes from and what causes our prosperity — both individual and collective — is a great antidote to communist fantasies.

Meanwhile, I want each and every one of the Antifa fanatics who sing “no America at all” to line up at the airport.  I will run a GoFundMe and send them all on one-way tickets to Venezuela, where they can experience the wonders of what a world without America would look like, without taking the rest of us along for the hellish ride.


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